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Retired teachers’ wellbeing |07 November 2022

Retired teachers’ wellbeing

The Sarep family in a souvenir photograph

Oral health and screening programme for Sarep members


The oral health education and screening programme for members of the Seychelles Association of Retired Education Professionals was launched early October.

It coincided with Teachers’ Week, and was the first health and wellbeing activity on the Seychelles Association of Retired Education Professionals’ (Sarep) calendar of activities.

In her opening remarks at the oral health talk, chairperson of the association Jeanne Simeon, stressed on the importance that Sarep places on the maintenance and enjoyment of good health of its members during their retirement years. This is in line with Sarep’s mission to promote the welfare and enrich the quality of life of the retired teachers.

Around 30 members of Sarep attended the session which was facilitated by a team from the oral health service of the Ministry of Health. According to the participants, the talk was very informative and interactive as it provided them with up-to-date information and tips on good oral health practices.  

The oral health service team from the Ministry of Health is collaborating with Sarep to ensure that all its members benefit from oral health screening and the necessary follow-up appointments based on individual needs.

Screening started on Friday October 7 at La Digue dental, followed by English River, Anse Aux Pins, Anse Boileau and Beau Vallon facilities. The oral health screening exercise will continue during the coming weeks in other regions such as Les Mamelles, Baie Lazare and Praslin.

Sarep would like to extend its heartfelt appreciation to the oral health service for offering its members these medical consultations. Such an initiative has come at an opportune time as for the past two years or so, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of its members may have faced challenges to access health services, especially oral health.

The oral health team described this initiative as giving back to past teachers who have given almost a lifetime of service to education. It is indeed heartwarming for Sarep members to know that others are thinking of their welfare, while as an association, they, too, want to continue to be connected to education in the community, for the progress of others.

Sarep would gladly welcome any other such initiatives from individuals or organisations that would be of benefit to retired teachers.



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