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Fisheries and Agriculture

Western Indian Ocean CITES workshop: |26 October 2022

Shark and ray listings under review


The Biodiversity Conservation and Management Division in its capacity as the CITES management authority for Seychelles will be hosting a regional workshop on Thursday and Friday this week at the Coral Strand Hotel.

The primary focus of this workshop is to discuss approaches to implement the existing shark and ray listings and to review the species proposed for Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), in preparation for the upcoming 19th Conference of the Parties (CoP19) from November 14-25, 2022 in Panama City, Panama.

This two-day workshop will serve as a forum for dialogue between Western Indian Ocean regional CITES authorities. Seychelles will have the opportunity to engage with international experts about the science, population, and trade trends underpinning the CITES Appendix II listings, and Panama the COP19 host government will profile their marine species priorities.

Participants will also have the opportunity to present success stories as well as express needs and concerns pertaining to existing and proposed CITES species.

Additionally, discussions on the utility of international, regional and domestic shark management strategies will be held, with a special focus on the technical aspects of implementation.

A combination of practical demonstrations and expert presentations for improved customs and trade regulation will be presented.

The focus will be on shark fin identification for current and proposed CITES Appendix II species, and new tools for improved tracking of traded protected marine and terrestrial species.

New software to improve the non-detrimental finding (NDF) process will be showcased, and future tools to aid national implementation efforts for CITES listed sharks and rays will be identified.

This workshop is a series of three sessions: this first one will be for government officials in Customs, biosecurity, fisheries and conservation. The other two that will be held early next year will be for NGOs and other national stakeholders involved in shark conservation and management.


Press release from the Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change & Environment


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