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Aviation world converges in Montreal for 41st ICAO Assembly   |01 October 2022

Aviation world converges in Montreal for 41st ICAO Assembly   

(Left to right): Esmee Samson, Garry Albert, Minister Antony Derjacques, Alan Renaud, David Labrosse and Florence Marengo

Seychelles’ Minister for Transport, Antony Derjacques, will join over 2,500 delegates from the 193 member states of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and accredited international organisations to take part in the 41st triennial ICAO Assembly.

Hosted at the ICAO headquarters in Montréal, the meeting is running from September 27 to October 7, 2022.

Delegates include ministers, directors general of civil aviation, senior policy and decision makers and representatives of accredited international organisations.

Held once every three years, the Assembly establishes the worldwide policy of ICAO for the upcoming triennium.

The commitments that will result from the Assembly meeting – particularly concerning climate change, aviation security and facilitation – in an intense two weeks, will define the transformation of the aviation industry in the years to come. 

The theme of A41 is ‘Reconnecting the World’ in fitting recognition of the world’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Minister Derjacques said: “ICAO plays a key role in supporting a multilateral, rules-based order for global aviation, which is crucial due to the very nature of aviation.  ‘Reconnecting the World’ is an apt theme, and I am pleased to attend the Assembly to meet with representatives across the globe to discuss common challenges and to work on solutions and to highlight how Seychelles has achieved a lot of firsts recently.”

  •   Seychelles being one of the first countries in Africa to reopen its borders
  •   Seychelles being the first country in Africa with facial recognition for all travellers on  arrival
  •   Seychelles being the first country in Africa to comply with all ICAO/UN security standards
  •   Seychelles becoming paperless on arrival, attaining an average clearance time of 36 min, 20% below the ICAO standard
  •   Seychelles 2022 year to date arrival figures 85.4% of its 2019 figures, and average weekly arrival figures at 94.7% of 2019 weekly arrival figures
  •   Seychelles’ bold commitment to implement mitigating measures to limit CO2 emissions from aviation activities.

Minister Derjacques will be addressing the Assembly next week to apprise the global community of Seychelles’ achievements towards strengthening aviation security, facilitation and the environment.

While in Montréal, the minister will also meet counterparts from several countries to enhance international cooperation in the field of transportation.

Minister Derjacques is accompanied at the meeting by Esmee Samson, general manager for Air Navigation Services; Garry Albert, chief executive of the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA); Alan Renaud, principal secretary for Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine; David Labrosse, general manager for Safety and Security; Florence Marengo, general manager for Commercial.


Press release from the Ministry of Transport

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