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Education ministry completes refurbishment works at different schools |11 September 2019

Education ministry completes refurbishment works at different schools

Pupils and teachers from different schools on Monday started the third semester in refurbished and renovated classrooms while renovation works were also done on staff quarters for teachers.

Crèche pupils of Takamaka, Plaisance, Les Mamelles, English River, La Rosière and Grand Anse Mahe are enjoying the freshness of their new study environment with new tiles on the floor and a new coat of paint of different colours on their classroom walls. Renovation and tiling works were also carried out on the administrative block and staff room of the Takamaka School.

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD) said it has started renovation work on all of its educational centres and the project will continue throughout the coming year.

The renovation and paint works all took place during the holidays. Most of the crèches previously had carpeted floor covers.

At Plaisance primary school, work was carried out on four blocks of new toilets and outside wash basins.

According to the head teacher of the Plaisance Primary school, Therese Athanase, renovation work which is underway will also include fencing.

Meanwhile, at the Anse Etoile primary school, the earth road leading to the waste bins has been replaced with concrete. Head teacher Jacqueline Celeste said the previous earth road had many potholes which  greatly inconvenienced pupils and other users especially when it rained. Also during the dry season the students were affected with dust.

The teachers of the different crèches said the classes look more conducive for teaching and learning and parents also are very happy with the improvement as the classes look fresh, clean and tidy.

“The classes look neat and tidy and more attractive than before. With the carpet on the floor we had to remove it every one and a half to every two years and it is very costly. With the tiles it will be years before they will need replacing and it will be very easy for us to clean and also to teach the pupils how to clean them. The classrooms are now more hygienic,” said Sheila Jacques, the teacher in charge of Anse Etoile crèche.

The accompanying photos show some of the renovated classrooms and toilets.


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