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Cricket: Shrihari Group women’s T-15 Challenge 2022 Final |22 September 2022

Cricket: Shrihari Group women’s T-15 Challenge 2022 Final

Team GSP’s 7

Vijay Warriors face Roaring Lions in final

The scene for the final of the Shrihari Group women’s T-15 Challenge 2022, sponsored by Hari Enterprise and Hari Builders, has been set for Saturday where Vijay Warriors will clash against Roaring Lions at the Persévérance cricket ground.

Vijay Warriors made it to the final after defeating Narayan XI in the first semifinal, while Roaring Lions eliminated Deevas Queens in the second last-four match.

Meanwhile, in the Savy and Sons Super League division two played during the weekend at the Roche Caïman sports ground, Spartan Warriors (65/6) won over Seychelles Rockers (64/10) by four wickets, with Praveen Kumar scoring three, while Sivaramakrishnan and Mahendran scored two each for the winners.

Karthikeyan scored three wickets for the Rockers, while Kumar was named player-of-the-match.

On the same day, Spartan Warriors (131/9) won against Vijay Vikings (128/8), with Aswin Anand of Spartan Warriors voted player-of-the-match for his all-round performance.

The scheduled match between Patel Youth and Spartan Warriors was abandoned due to bad weather and one point was awarded to both teams.

During the previous weekend, Vijay Vikings (117/9) defeated Seychelles Rockers (101/8), winning by 16 runs.

Vikings’ Ajay Vekaria had 39 runs, while his teammates Sudhkar and Sunil had three wickets each.

Sudhakar was also named player-of-the-match. Rockers’ Devibalan, on the other hand, had 35 runs.

On the same day, Lakstar (123/16) beat Patel Youth (119/10), winning by four runs, with Harsha of Lakstar voted player-of-the-match.

Harsha had 33 runs and three wickets for Lakstar, with Samith adding in an additional four wickets, while Hardik had 52 runs for Patel Youth.

In the Seychelles Cricket Association (SCA) T10 League, Spartan Warriors (74/16) beat Narayan XI (52/5) by 22 runs, with Gunasekaran and David grabbing two wickets each, while Gokulkannan of Spartan warriors was named player-of-the-match.

In the other match played, Lakstar (83/4) defeated GSP’s 7 (84/4) by six wickets.

GSP’s 7 Babu and Kalvin had 17 runs each, while Manish had 14 runs and one wicket.

As for Lakstar, Chamarafernando had 38 runs, while Daminda Dhananjaya had 18 runs.

Babu of GSP’s 7 was the player-of-the-match.


Compiled by Roland Duval

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