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First 10 years of the implementation plan of Agenda 2063 |19 September 2022

Seychelles to submit national consultative report end September


A validation workshop was organised on Thursday September 15, bringing together stakeholders to evaluate and validate the draft report of Seychelles’ first ten-year implementation plan for the Agenda 2063.

The national planning department within the Ministry of Finance, National Planning and Trade, is the government entity responsible for coordinating the implementation, promotion, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of the African Union’s (AU) Agenda 2063.

The draft report presented at the half-day workshop was compiled from inputs of various local stakeholders who attended national orientation and stakeholder specific consultation sessions during the month of August.

In addition, a set of ‘guiding questions’ provided by the African Union, was shared with stakeholders for their input.

Such sessions with stakeholders are recommended by the African Union in order to effectively measure the domestic implementation of Agenda 2063.

Speaking at the launch of the workshop, principal secretary for national planning, Elizabeth Agathine, noted that “Seychelles recognises the fact that collective efforts, ownership by all and inclusivity are required to successfully achieve the aspirations and goals as set out in the implementation plans of Agenda 2063. This is reaffirmed today, looking at the various stakeholders present and ready to validate their contributions in the national consultation report, to be presented shortly.”

The department will further consolidate the draft report, as per the discussions and proposals of Thursday’s meeting, circulate the consolidated report to the stakeholders for additional input, before proceeding to work on the final report.

During that same workshop, the groundwork for the preparation of the ‘second ten-year implementation plan for Agenda 2063’ got underway.

Priority areas for Seychelles, which are aligned with those of the Agenda 2063, were presented to the participants for consideration.

The final national consultative report for Seychelles focusing on the ‘first ten-year implementation plan of the Agenda 2063’ is expected to be submitted to the African Union Commission at the end of September.

The Agenda 2063 is Africa’s roadmap to transform the continent into the ‘global powerhouse of the future’, within a 50-year period from 2013 to 2063.

It contains seven aspirations, 20 goals and 15 flagship projects identified to ‘accelerate Africa’s economic growth and transformation’.

To facilitate the domestication and alignment of the international agendas to country’s national development plans, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) has designed a toolkit to assist individual countries to track their implementation.

The integrated planning and integrated toolkit is an important instrument in enabling countries to align global and continental agendas, such as Agenda 2063 and Agenda 2030, to their national development plans.

At the beginning of this month, the national planning department hosted a three-day training workshop ran by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), to train local stakeholders on the use of the integrated planning and integrated toolkit, which is designed to improve the development of planning capacities of member states through the application of the IPRT.


Press release from the Ministry of Finance, National Planning and Trade





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