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Paradise FM’s Chart Attack |12 September 2022

‘Lakle’ by Daniel retains top spot


‘Lakle’ by young popular artist, Daniel, has retained its number one position on the Paradise FM’s Chart Attack, six consecutive weeks after making its debut on the weekly chart.

However, Daniel’s other popular tune, ‘Drive’, which was number one for nine weeks and was second on the chart the previous week, has lost its position to Gatto’s ‘Reste Lwen’, which has made an impressive gain from sixth spot. ‘Reste Lwen’ has been on the chart for 16 weeks.

‘Drive’ now sits in third spot, toppling another song by Daniel, ‘Zistans’ which falls into fifth position. SS Gang with ‘Ou’n detri li’ remains in fourth position after a nine-week stay on the chart.

TikTok by Simplify feat JPD, Excellent and Jazzla, which was a new entry at number six on the chart the previous week, retains its spot.

The previous week’s second new entry, Molo’s ‘Ti Fiy Madanm Roz’, has also improved from ninth to seventh spot.

‘Mon letan’ by Farhine has lost ground from seventh place on the chart to ninth. The highest it peaked was fifth position after spending six weeks on the chart.

Vanessa Juliette is still at number 10 with ‘Langaz Lanmour’. It has occupied the spot for three consecutive weeks after entering the chart.

Paradise FM Chart Attack is sponsored by Inter Island Boats Ltd and voting takes place at the following times: Chicco dan Paradi 10am - 11am, Cus Mun – En Pti pe dan tou - 2pm – 3pm and Oriji – The Cruize, 4.45pm – 6pm

The number to vote is 2520170 (include CHT in front of your text).


Last week’s Chart Attack

1...Lakle (Daniel) – (#1 for 6w)

     (P.Week-1> T.Week-1) – WOC (6) - PP (1)

2...Reste Lwen (Gatto)- (#1 for 1w)

     (P.Week-6> T.Week-2) – WOC (16) - PP (1)

3...Drive (Daniel) - (#1 for 9w)

     (P.Week-2> T.Week-3) – WOC (19) - PP (1)

4...Ou’n detri li (SS Gang) –

(P.Week-4> T.Week-4) – WOC(9) - PP (4)

5...Zistans (Daniel)-

     (P.Week-3> T.Week-5) – WOC (14) - PP (2)  


     (Simplify Feat. JPD, Excellent &Jazzla) –

     (NEW.E> T.Week-6) – WOC (2) - PP (6)

7...Ti Fiy Madanm Roz (Molo) –

     (P.Week-9> T.Week-7) – WOC (2) - PP (7)

8...Mon letan (Farhine) –

     (P.Week-5> T.Week-8) – WOC (7) - PP (5)

9...Mon A Donn Ou (SwaggTunes) -

(P.Week-7> T.Week-9) – WOC (6) - PP (5)

10...Langaz Lanmour (Vanessa Juliette) –

(P.Week-10> T.Week-10) – WOC (3) - PP (10)


Patsy Canaya



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