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ISS records best exam results in the last five years |30 August 2022

ISS records best exam results in the last five years

The International School Seychelles (ISS) has recorded its best exam results for the last five years with a pass rate of 93% across the three different year groups of IGCSE, AS (first year at A-Level) and A-Level students taking their exam in June this year.

Among the 93% pass rate, between 46 and 49% were A* to B grades for A-Level and IGCSE and 33% of A* and A grades at AS.

Sixteen-year-old and 12-year student, Tejasvi Kerai, achieved the most exceptional results in IGCSE with 9A* in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English as a First Language, French as a Foreign Language, Geography, English Literature, Mathematics and Physics.

“I feel very proud and happy,” said Tejasvi, who noted that she was under a lot of pressure before the exam but she managed to de-stress through some distractions just to get her mind off studying.

“I hope to pass A-Level with all A* again and go to university to study, maybe, in the field of Biology or Chemistry,” she added.

For 18-year-old Lusaula Zelia, she received 1 A* in Business, an A in Economics and an A in English Literature. She is planning to do a French language course before taking on university, most likely in Europe.

“I was really happy as I have been working so hard. When I got my results I was so proud,” said Lusaula, who noted that she mainly used flash cards and You-Tube to study including consulting with her teachers for extra help.

Lusaula, a year 13 student, said that with the support of her family, she was able to surmount the pressure and stress she endured. Her advice to students is, apart from motivation from families and friends, he or she has to also be there to motivate his or her own self.  

For his AS exam, 17-year-old Mikhail Rudchenko got 4 ‘A’s – in Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics and Physics. He said that he felt pretty good and happy about it.

“Studying was pretty boring but I just read the text book and did a lot of past papers. Stress and pressure were there as in exams there is always pressure but our teachers are always ready to help whenever we have problems,” said Mikhail.

Mikhail, a year 12 student, hopes to go to university to study computer science and his advice to students sitting their exams is to stay relaxed and not to worry because when you worry, “you will do worse”.

Soumesh Satheesan got an ‘A’ in Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics and a ‘B’ in Physics for his A-Level exam.

“I felt OK, I was expecting to do a bit better but I wasn’t really sad, I was just like, OK I’ll deal with this” said Soumesh.

The 18-year-old year 13 student said that he uses the website, videos, the notes available, past papers, including asking help from friends, to prepare for his exams.

He added that whenever he felt any stress he would try not to think about the next upcoming exams.

“My advice to other students is to keep doing past papers, especially if you are doing subjects like Math. You need to do a lot of practice if you want to get good at those kinds of subjects,” said Soumesh, who is planning to move to India to study computer science.

The school’s principal, Elodie Vallantine, said they have seen a trend of improvement in exam results in the last five years.

She added that they have got a very dedicated team of teachers who always go the extra mile to make sure that the students are well prepared and receive additional support in the run-up to the exams, which was especially evident during the Covid-19 pandemic where teachers went over and beyond to assist the students.

The selection of photos show some of the students who have excelled.


Patrick Joubert


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