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Designer dazzles Praslinois ahead of World Fashion Show in Beverly Hills   |12 August 2022

Designer dazzles Praslinois ahead of World Fashion Show in Beverly Hills   

With the colour theme Yin and Yang, models from Katiti modelling agency strutted their stuff in Oushna’s collection recently at Le Duc Hotel on Praslin, ahead of the designer’s participation in an international event in October.

The designer, Oushna John Labrosse nee Zoe, with her brand ‘OJZ’ Seychelles representing her initial, showcased her collection of clothing, lingerie, and jewelry. It was the same collection that was on display at the Dubai Expo 2022 that took place in March.

“The Dubai collection is a very sentimental, straight from the heart collection. I was inspired by my two daughters who are no longer with us. The black footprint represents my daughter who didn’t see the light because of miscarriage and the white foot represents my daughter who was born, saw the light, but has also since passed,” Oushna said.

For Oushna this event will serve to educate the community about the work she does.

“I found that there is a need to have a fashion show on Praslin since we never had one at this level before and at the same time as a fashion design teacher I want to promote what I teach – fashion and textile. I want parents to see that there is life in fashion and design and by supporting their children, both boys and girls, in choosing a path in teaching fashion design or having their own business in same, their children will go far,” Oushna said.

Oushna said she also wanted the event to be a success, and one that will inspire others to establish a fashion industry on Praslin.

“It was to give Praslinois a chance to dress up and feel elegant in our local brand,” Oushna said.

Oushna, who started designing and sewing at an early age, described her talent as a gift she got from her mother’s side. The Seychellois-born is of Indian origin and attended high school in India. She completed secondary school on La Digue and later enrolled in a fashion designing course at the Institute of Visual Arts, where she obtained both a certificate and diploma in fashion designing. In 2008 she was awarded best performer in fashion designing for the academic year.

She also participated in the 2010 ‘Fon Lanmal’ (a Festival Kreol activity) and was among the finalists. In 2017, she obtained a diploma in secondary teaching in the field of Technology and Enterprise.

It was during an assignment at the Institute of Visual Arts that OJZ Seychelles was created but it officially became her brand in 2019.

Her brand ‘OJZ Seychelles’ was nominated by WORLD FASHION EXHIBITION to represent Seychelles among 100 other countries at an exhibition aimed at raising awareness towards an environmentally friendly global fashion industry, with the global campaign ‘AFRICA IS NOW’.

This event will take place in the iconic Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, United States of America in October 2022 with the theme ‘Give your light to the world’.

The designers will be showcasing their eco culture. Their eco outfits will be auctioned to raise funds to eliminate child mortality around the world and to empower women on the African continent.

“I am so happy to be part of this fundraising activity. By taking part, I will contribute to the health care of the children and as a mother who has lost two children, I do not want other mothers to experience what I have gone through,” said Oushna.

The two-day event will include a fashion show and a grand gala night for all the fashion designers. It will be live on Phoenix TV.

Oushna, who is looking forward to the event, is grateful for this opportunity.

“I am very much grateful to God who has given me such an opportunity. It is just the beginning as there is way more to go. I am looking forward to networking with other international designers,” Oushna said.

Following this, she will be gearing up for World Fashion Week in Paris next year, and there again becoming the first Seychellois to do so.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the fashion show on Praslin.


Fatimih Renaud


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