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Cable and Wireless enhances network efficiency |12 August 2022

In a continuous effort to improve coverage and connectivity, Cable and Wireless Seychelles (CWS) has erected new cell sites in the regions of Anse Etoile, Glacis and Perseverance to enhance its network efficiency.

This follows many assessments that CWS has conducted to oversee its overall network coverage and in response to customers’ feedback, needs, and requirements.

Thus, the company has over time expanded its coverage by adding new sites at different locations as a result of demand and drive to improve customer experience.

CWS has installed a pine tree tower at Glacis. This is in line with the regulators’ drive for operators to install tree-type towers, primarily for aesthetic reasons. These latest additions to its ever-increasing cell sites have allowed CWS to improve mobile signal and connectivity within the above-mentioned regions. “As a result, we expect customers to have better reliability of service, even when they commute within the area.  We assure customers that CWS will continue to identify coverage gaps so that it reconfigures its network including adding new cell sites,” a press release from the company says.

“CWS remains committed to improving its overall service and network coverage. Despite great strides taken by the company, there are challenges, such as the ability to acquire key sites for the installation of mobile infrastructure. Nevertheless, this has not prevented the company from improving coverage and services and keeps moving forward with its network expansion plans,” adds the press release.


Press release from Cable & Wireless Seychelles



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