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Karate   The Ashihara family explores the Copolia trail |09 August 2022

Karate     The Ashihara family explores the Copolia trail

The perfect team spirit within the Ashihara family

Following a recent grading session two weeks ago, the Ashihara Karate School, one of the most active karate schools in the country with its main dojo at the Mont Fleuri secondary school, held another major activity on Saturday.

Some forty karatekas, parents and friends of the school took part in a hike up the Copolia trail.

According to the main organiser, Senpai Martin Lebon, they left the dojo around 10.30am and were back by 3pm.

The young members were excited and on the way those who were well versed with nature were able to answer questions of some tourists that they met along the way.

The highlight of the hike was when the newly promoted black belt, Senpai Sumita Joubert and Senpai Martin decided to line up everyone on top of the mountain for a light stretching and punching session to keep them warm as it was very cold.

Senpai Lebon said that these events are great ways to socialise and bring parents and people aspiring to join the school to know more about the other members including the instructors themselves, away from the dojo and the usual hard training activity.

The Ashihara dojo, which also teaches self-defence to women, caters for the serious athlete while at the same time encouraging a “family friendly” atmosphere and accommodates older athletes, as well as anyone physically challenged.

The school has dojos at Anse Royale and Mont Fleuri on Mahé, and one dojo on La Digue.

Interested individuals can check out the school’s Website and Facebook page for more information.

The Ashihara Karate School is headed by Shihan Egbert Moustache and is affiliated to Ashihara Karate international based in South Africa.

The instructors at the school would like to thank all the members, parents and individuals who assisted in making this important fun event a complete success.


Compiled by Roland Duval


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