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‘Voice of the Ocean’ launched |06 August 2022

‘Voice of the Ocean’ launched

Minister Ferrari addressing the gathering

New NGO to preserve, restore, sustainably develop the ocean


A new non-governmental organisation called the ‘Voice of the Ocean’ was officially launched yesterday morning in a short ceremony at Kafe Kreol restaurant at Anse Royale.

Founded with the purpose of preserving, restoring and sustainably developing the ocean of Seychelles, the Voice of the Ocean aims to be “an umbrella for multiple projects that are centred on this purpose, and expecting  to start  in the coming months”, its chairperson Mervin Cedras pointed out.

He said another objective of the Voice of the Ocean is to create awareness of marine environment protection among the public.

Present to witness the launch of the NGO was Designated Minister and the Minister for Fisheries, Jean-François Ferrari; the principal secretary for blue economy, Kenneth Racombo; the member of the National Assembly for Anse Royale  Sylvanne Lemiel; the chief executive of   Enterprise Seychelles Agency (Esa), Angelic Appoo; and members of Voice of the Ocean.

A member of the newly founded NGO, Mariana Atherthon, went on to explain their first project.

“The team for the Ocean Clean-up project did a great job of cleaning the ocean and taking rubbish out of it but the ocean has more danger than just rubbish. Some of the danger is not visible,” she remarked.

She said this is why they have decided that the first project Voice of the Ocean will undertake should be about promoting the use of reef-friendly sunscreen among both tourists and locals. The normal sunscreen that is typically used contains certain chemicals that make it dangerous and even deadly for the corals on the reefs.

The project, ‘Use Reef-Friendly Sunscreen’, will consist of sign boards displayed on multiple beaches around Seychelles. Kafe Kreol agreed to become the first point of advocacy for the project, with it now proudly displaying the sign board for all visitors on the beach to see so they become more mindful when using sunscreen. Voice of the Ocean will use this project to create a visible and sustainable impact on the environment.

“This project is a multi-faceted project. It involves many people. It is a link between the tourism business and the protection of the environment. It is a link between the fishing industry and the protection of the ocean and the reefs! The visitors who come in and out will learn that we are really concerned about the protection of our reefs. The message in there for them is that while they use our ocean, use it sustainably,” Minister Ferrari highlighted while noting that everyone involved has an important role to play in preserving and safe-guarding our environment.

He reminded everyone that there was another coral reef restoration programme that will soon start work in three areas – Silhouette, Curieuse and Anse Royale.

The ceremony ended with the unveiling of the first sign board by Minister Ferrari, MNA Lemiel and Mr Cedras.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the launch ceremony.


Sylia Ah-Time

Photos by Kurtrine Albert


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