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Marine Scholarship Programme 2022   Nurturing future generations of marine environmentalists   |28 July 2022

Marine Scholarship Programme 2022     Nurturing future generations of marine environmentalists   

To celebrate World Nature Conservation Day and the vital conservation work being delivered in Seychelles, WiseOceans and its core partner GVI (Global Vision International) Seychelles have announced the launch of the Marine Scholarship Programme 2022.

Observed annually on July 28, World Nature Conservation Day acknowledges that a healthy environment (both land and water) is the foundation for a stable and healthy society. Today, the WiseOceans Seychelles team reflects on the fact that we all have a part to play in ensuring the sustainability of our natural resources.

The newly launched Marine Scholarship Programme (MSP) 2022, funded by SeyCCAT, offers a comprehensive nine-month training programme for 18-25 year old Seychellois with a passion and commitment to the marine sector. Through this training young adults are helped to forge new careers in the Blue Economy, the biggest growing sector in Seychelles, helping to create the next generation of highly skilled professionals, innovators and stewards of the Seychelles marine environment.

This programme offers in-depth practical and theory training centered around the marine environment, developing skills to increase opportunities for employment and also offer a bridge for participants to access opportunities in tertiary education.

The programme, based across Mahé and the inner islands, includes six months of core training delivered by WiseOceans Seychelles and GVI Seychelles and three months of placements with their partner organisations in both the public and private sectors. These placements will be tailored to participants’ individual interests and skills, helping to build connections and experiences in the workplace.

The first cohort of the MSP began in May 2022, with the 2022 cohort totalling six trainees, all of whom are passionate about the sector.

“The MSP is going great, I feel privileged. I’m enjoying the activities, meeting new people and making new friends. I get to spend a lot of time in nature which I enjoy, I get to dive every day and do hiking. I’m learning a lot about conservation on both land and sea; I’m truly developing and getting new skills,” said Hansa Freminot, a 19-year-old who lives in Bougainville and is currently enrolled on the MSP. Hansa is at present attending a three-month training with GVI under the MSP.

WiseOceans Seychelles, SeyCCAT, GVI Seychelles, Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, University of Seychelles, Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority, Green Islands Foundation, SYAH and The Ocean Project Seychelles are currently hosting placements.

As part of the core training, participants develop skills in marine ecology, coral reef restoration, survey and research skills, event organisation, science communication, entrepreneurial skills, and more. Participants get hands-on experience conducting research and conservation work, including coral reef surveys, and turtle and shark population monitoring. In addition, all participants receive scuba diving and first aid certification with GVI.

“When advertising the programme, we received more applicants than we could enroll. However, the success of this cohort will determine the future of the MSP, which we hope to expand for next year and continue as an annual programme!” says Betty Mondon from WiseOceans.

WiseOceans is a marine education and conservation organisation based in Seychelles since 2014. Through its education and marine conservation projects it aims to inspire, engage and empower people to make steps to achieve healthier oceans now and in the future.

The accompanying photos show some of the youngsters enrolled on the MSP 2022.



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