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In preparation for the 10th Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIG) in Mauritius July 19-28, 2019 |01 June 2019

Have the right mindset


When preparing for big games like the Indian Ocean Island Games it is very important that you are living in a growth mindset rather than in a fixed mindset.

I will detail two powerful practical mental tools to help all athletes preparing for theIndian Ocean Island Games (IOIG) in Mauritius from July 19-28, 2019.


The reality you perceive is always the end product of your mindset

Mindset should be considered as the intangible X-factor that can strongly determine your competitive success or failure.


"Your mindset is the true reflection of who you are as a person. In other words, the personal qualities you possess and represent fully imbue your mental outlook."

If you see yourself in a fixed mindset everyday it is very important that you talk to your coach, mental coach, sports psychologist, counselor, medical personnel and manager. They will help you to turn the negative thoughts into positive actions.

Not every situation you will encounter at the IOIG will be positive. Trying to adopt a negative position towards everything, your mindset is going to set you up and you will fail. Athletes should try to make the best out of a bad situation or challenge.

Avoid the following negative challenges before and during the Games if they happen. Those mentioned challenges are not supposed to happen.

  • Welcoming in Mauritius
  • Transportation during practices and matches
  • Accommodation
  • Food and beverage
  • Training venue and competition
  • Climate
  • Crowd
  • Officiating


Talk positively to yourself. I am mentally tough and ready to face those challenges. Those challenges should fuel your determination to win like Seychellois bodybuilder Ziad Mekdachi.

It very important that all athletes should try to develop a growth mindset.

It is also very important that coaches should prepare their athletes to prevent everything that can lower their performance and losing before competition.


Although I will not be there in person my heart will be with you. Let’s go Team Seychelles.

Good luck at the IOIG!


Maurice Denys

Certified Mental Coach (CMC)

S.N.H.S. Dip (Sports Psychology)

S.N.H.S. Dip (Life coaching)


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