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SBC’s Paradise FM Charts - Week 169 |04 July 2022

Drive by Daniel takes back number one spot

Drive by Daniel has taken back the number one spot on the SBC’s Paradise FM Charts after being pushed to number two the previous week.

Reste Lwen by Gatto goes down to number two after being number one for one week followed by Mor Tousel (Elijah) who stays in the third position.

Rwayonm Jah Jah by Julia also stays in the fourth spot with Lanmour Envalid by BLACK's Feat. Drop & Treva jumping into the fifth place from number nine.

Pa sa enn by Julia makes a return to the sixth position and Lemonn I Anflanm (Cus Mun ft Travis) takes seventh.

In the eight position is Gri Gri (Champion) followed by Tou Byen by SwaggTunes who made a re-entry into the ninth place.

Konnen mon ti la the newest entry by Andy Wirtz takes the tenth position on the Paradise FM Chart Attack.

Paradise FM Chart Attack is sponsored by Inter Island Boats LTD. To vote simply Text 2520170 with 'CHT’ in front.

Voting time: Chicco dan paradi – 10am – 11am, Cus Mun – En pti pe dan tou – 2pm – 3pm, Oriji - The Cruize – 4:45pm – 6pm.


The chart

1...Drive (Daniel) - (#1 for 6w)

(P.Week-2> T.Week-1) – WOC(9) - PP (1)

2...Reste Lwen (Gatto)- (#1 for 1w)

(P.Week-1> T.Week-2) – WOC(6) - PP (1)

3...Mor Tousel (Elijah) -

(P.Week-3> T.Week-3) – WOC(4) - PP (3)

4...Rwayonm Jah Jah (Julia) –

(P.Week-4> T.Week-4) – WOC(7) - PP (4)

5...Lanmour Envalid

(BLACK's Feat. Drop & Treva) –

(P.Week-9> T.Week-5) – WOC(2) - PP (5)

6...Pa sa enn (Julia) – (#1 for 6w)

(P.Week-7> T.Week-6) – WOC(20) - PP (1)

7...Lemonn I Anflanm (Cus Mun ft Travis)

(#1 for 1w)

(P.Week-5> T.Week-7) – WOC(9) - PP (1)

8...Gri Gri (Champion) –

(P.Week-8> T.Week-8) – WOC(2) - PP (8)

9...Tou Byen (SwaggTunes) –

(Re-Entry> T.Week-9) – WOC(5) - PP (9)

10...Konnen mon ti la (Andy Wirtz) –

(New.E> T.Week-10) – WOC(1) –PP(10)


Compiled by Marla Simeon


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