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Yachting   Sails billow in the wind again |28 June 2022

The last two weekends have seen exciting racing with sails billowing in the wind once again.

On June 19, 2022, windsurfers and kite surfers were out and about competing for the SYA Windsurfing Cup A and SYA Kitesurfing Cup A races.

In the Windsurfing race, six windsurfers competed with Jean-Marc Gardette coming out first with a nett total of 6 points, followed in second place by Jacquelin Languilla with 8 points and in third place was Pierre Wartelsteiner who scored 15 points.

The other competitors were Joshua Esther, Noah Labuschagne and Vince Isidore.

The Kitesurfing Cup A competition saw six kitesurfers take part with Mathieu Ferrari finishing in first place with 10 points nett, followed by Neddy Radegonde with 11 points nett and Alex Simon coming in third place with a nett of 14 points.

The other kitesurfers were Sirtaka Ramanantsoa, Alvin Waye-Hive and Nicholas Adam.

Last Saturday, June 25, 2022, saw exciting sailing as sailors took part in the Hunt Deltel Optimist Cup, the Swim Blue Pool Care ILCA 6 as well as the L’Habitation ILCA Open.

The sailors were mentally prepared for the races with winds gusting to over 12 knots at times.

Ten sailors competed in the Hunt Deltel Optimist Cup, sailing six races where they were allowed to discard one, keeping the best five scores.

Luca Marzocchi came out first with an overall score of 7 points followed closely by Odysius Melanie who also scored 7 points but ranked second as Luca finished first in the last race. Third place went to Joshua Allccon who scored a total of 14 points.

The other sailors were Dario Uzice, Lyandro Larue, Fabrice Julie Dominic Esparon, Elisha Moustache, the only female competitor in this class, Micha Mason and Kian Julie.

The Suzuki Marine Cup saw nine sailors compete in the ILCA 4 class with Tim Figaro finishing in first place with a total nett of 7 points, followed by Laurent Contoret with 10 points and Marius Assary finishing in third place with a total of 13 points.

Travis Ho-Peng, Raffaello Joubert, Michael Constance, Damien Waye-Hive, Ellah Constance and Keryl Gerry were the other competitors in this race. Ellah Constance and Keryl Gerry are two female contestants.

Four sailors competed for the Swim Blue Pool Care ILCA 6 Class Cup with Jaden Vidot triumphing with a net total of 9 points. Kenny Constance was second with 13 points and third-placed Dominique Labrosse scored a total of 17 points tying with Dean Mathiot who ranked fourth. This is because Dominique finished first in the last race.

The L’Habitation ILCA Open competition saw 17 ILCA sailors compete against each other. The ILCA Open competition comprised 4 ILCA 7 competitors, 3 ILCA 6 sailors and 10 ILCA 4 competitors.

Rodney Govinden finished first in the ILCA 7 Class with 5 points, followed closely in second place with 9 points by twin brother Roy Govinden also sailing in the ILCA 7 class. In third place was Jaden Vidot sailing the ILCA 4 class and finishing with 21 points.

The other competitors included Tim Figaro (ILCA 4), Laurent Contoret (ILCA 4), Kenny Constance (ILCA 6), Marius Assary (ILCA 4), Travis Ho-Peng (ILCA 4), Dean Mathiot (ILCA 6), Dominique Labrosse (ILCA 6), Loïc D’Offay (ILCA 7), Connor Harwart (ILCA 7), Raffaello Joubert (ILCA 4), Ellah Constance and Keryl Gerry, Michael Constance and Damien Waye-Hive (ILCA 4).

The sailors completed the races feeling satisfied and in good spirits, looking forward to future races where they will with no doubt push a little harder to outdo their previous performances.





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