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Seven artists to represent Seychelles at the second Mauritius International Arts Fair |20 June 2022

Seven artists to represent Seychelles at the second Mauritius International Arts Fair

The seven artists in a souvenir photograph with Mr Andre and Mr D’Offay (respectively third and second from left, standing) – Photo: Joena Meme

Seven artists specialising in various forms of art were presented with their flight tickets on Friday to attend the second Mauritius International Arts Fair (MIAF).

The executive director for Creative Seychelles Agency under the Seychelles National Institute for Culture, Heritage and the Arts (Snicha), Emmanuel D’Offay, noted that the MIAF which the seven Seychellois participants will take part in started in 2019. The fair was then pushed back due to the pandemic.

The aim of the fair is to create a platform whereby regional and international artists can gain exposure and the opportunity to sell their work.

The seven artists are Daniel Dodin, Barry Gertrude, Christine Payet, Karyn Zialor and Juliette Zelime in the visual arts category, Steve Marie and Vanessa Lucas for sculpture and photography respectively.

Mr D’Offay noted that “Seychelles is lucky as in 2019 when Seychelles participated in the fair, all the artists were in visual arts and not all got the chance to attend the fair. Only one artist went and brought all the paintings of the other artists with him. But this year we changed our formula”.

He noted that the objective of Creative Seychelles is to create opportunities for artists and this is the reason why all the seven artists have been sponsored with travel expenses, lodgings and per diem totalling R280,000. This is to give exposure to the artists on how an international fair functions and how to market themselves to international market.

The artists have also contributed financially to get this opportunity as they had to pay for their entrance fees and bring all their working materials with them.

Secretary general for Snicha, David Andre, officially handed over the air tickets, certificate of vaccination, hotel bookings, safety documents and the itinerary to the seven artists.

The participants will attend the fair from June 22 to 26 (with the fair being held for three days).

The seven participants will attend the fair with the guidance of the executive director.

To participate in the fair all the participants had to apply and be vetted by a committee by the organisation in Mauritius. In total there were eight applicants from Seychelles and seven qualified to attend the fair.

Mr Andre said the seven participants have made the institute and the country proud especially with the new section focusing on culture.

He said that the section is ensuring that they give out opportunities to all artists and everyone involved in art.

He further added that their philosophy is that Seychelles has so much to offer in terms of arts and culture.


Marla Simeon




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