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Independent School students shine in 2021 Cambridge exams |20 June 2022

Independent School students shine in 2021 Cambridge exams

Turissa Sullivan and Rahul Rajesh from the Independent School are among the top ten students in the world who are recipients of the Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards for the October/November exam series of 2021.

Turissa is currently in her last year of A levels studying Business, Maths, Economics and Accounting.

“I was delighted to find out that I have received the Outstanding Cambridge Learners Awards for Top 10 Best in the World for AS Business and First place best across 3 AS subjects for exams I sat in October-November last year. This is a very significant milestone achievement in my academic journey. I am very proud of myself and satisfied with my results. It goes without saying that the A-level curriculum is tough, and therefore requires great consistency and hard work in order to achieve high results. I am immensely thankful that my efforts have been recognised through these awards, and I would like to extend my genuine gratitude to my parents and teachers for their continuous support. Hard work and determination always pay off in the end. It is my ultimate goal to continue striving for the best and reach my full potential.”

Rahul is currently studying for the rest of his IGCSE exams after placing among the Top Ten in the World for English as a Second Language in S4.

Accompanying the article is the complete list of all the Independent School students who have done well in this series of exams.



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