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Artists encouraged to take part in Seychelles Biennale 2020 |31 August 2019

Artists encouraged to take part in Seychelles Biennale 2020

Curator Martin Kennedy giving details about the Byenal Sesel 2020

Local artists are being encouraged to take part in the Seychelles Biennale 2020 (Byenal Sesel) which will take place on April 25 next year under the theme ‘Lost and Found’.

The aim of the biennale is to showcase art works through mutual exchange between local and international artists. The biennale which is expected to be of a powerful and provocative nature, is also aimed at getting the audience to be stimulated, entertained, enlightened, annoyed, bemused and astonished. It will also allow the audience to learn from the different cultural installation art works to be exhibited, some featuring video sounds.

This year, 10 local and international artists will be selected to take part in the Byenal Sesel.

And so, to encourage them to join in, the biennale committee is holding a series of consultative workshops to enlighten the artists on the theme and also to help and advise them on how to develop and work on the theme so as to later produce their best work for involvement.

The first of the series of workshops, which will go beyond 2020, was held at the National Arts Council (Nac) conference room on Thursday afternoon and it was ran by curator for the Byenal Sesel, Martin Kennedy.

Present were the chief executive of Nac, Jimmy Savy, members of the biennale selection committee and some artists.

Addressing the gathering, Mr Savy said the Seychelles Biennale 2017 did set the bar at a high standard and that the 2020 biennale should match or even surpass that level. He encouraged artists to take part so that the biennale 2020 would be a success.

The biennale is open to artists aged 17 years onwards. Forms are available online or can be collected at Nac. The submission deadline for online application is Monday September 16, 2019 at 6pm and it should be addressed to ‘’ or forms should be brought to Nac before 6pm on the closing date.

Mr Kennedy said that ‘Lost and Found’ will allow artists to share stories and experiences, as well as propose ways of dealing with the loss alongside strategies for recovery – either within a physical or emotional context. He noted that it will also encourage artists to recognise art’s potential to present the audience with myriad starting points for reflection as well as dialogue.

The Seychelles Biennale will be held at the Eden Arts Space, Eden Plaza. For the first time, some exhibits will also be showcased on Praslin and La Digue. Nac will help with equipment required for the realisation of work as well as the organisation of suitable dedicated exhibition space for Seychellois artists.

All artists will be eligible to receive prizes relating to the assessment of work made by a panel of internationally recognised judges. Details of the prizes and the names of the judging panel will be announced later.

George Camille was the winner of the last biennale held in 2017 and he along with Daniel Dodin, had the opportunity to rub shoulders with their international counterparts in the Venice Biennial held in May this year.


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