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International Museum Day – May 18 |20 May 2022

International Museum Day – May 18

President Ramkalawan tours National Museum of History


It is very important to be reminded of history that you already know since you always re-discover it at another angle and in a different aspect, President Wavel Ramkalawan has said.

The head-of-state made the statement yesterday, shortly after visiting the Seychelles National Museum of History where he got an insight, through guided tours on the different sections of the museum, highlighting the different phases of the country’s history from colonisation, through independence, up to the modern era.

President Ramkalawan was welcomed by the principal secretary for Culture within the Seychelles National Institute for Culture, Heritage and the Arts (SNICHA), Cecile Kalebi, director of museum Beryl Ondieke and museum curator Bella Rose.

He described history as something that depict the past, while paving the way for the present and future.

President Ramkalawan further added that museum is also important since it portrays and honour many people who have contributed greatly in different ways towards the Seychelles we are living in today.

He also commended the staff, or the keepers of our heritage, for the great contribution in preserving our history for the benefit of future generations.

The presidential visit coincided with the International Museum Day which is May 18, and was celebrated this year under the theme ‘The Power of Museums’, aimed at exploring the potential of museums to bring about positive change in their communities through three lenses.

They are the power of achieving sustainability, the power of innovating on digitalisation and accessibility, and the power of community building through education.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of President Ramkalawan’s tour of the Museum of History.


Roland Duval

Photos by Thomas Meriton

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