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44th National Inter-School Athletics Championships |19 May 2022

44th National Inter-School Athletics Championships

Competitors during one of the races in 2018 (Photo: Patrick Joubert)

Athletes vie for final places


Primary school competitors from Mahe were the last group to take part in heats ahead of the44th National Inter-School Athletics Championships scheduled for Saturday June 18.

The annual championship had not featured over the past two years ‒ 2020 and 2021 ‒ following a long break due to the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic that forced the department of health to order the closure of all educational establishments as a prevention measure to avoid the spread of the disease.

After the island of La Digue hosted the heats for primary and secondary schools from Praslin and La Digue last Friday, it was the turn of competitors from schools on Mahe to pit their skills against each other as they fought for places in the finals on Saturday June 18.

Competitors from secondary and post-secondary institutions were expected in action on Tuesday at Stad Linite but because of bad weather the events have been postponed to today, while those from primary schools competed yesterday at the same venue.

This National Inter-School Athletics Championships bring together over 1,100 athletes from all public and private schools from Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.

In the 43rd championships in 2019, only seven championship records were shattered in 100 track and field events and the count was two less than the previous year’s total (2018), which was nine.

The record breakers were:

- Runa Didon: Girls’ under-10 60m mini hurdles record in 10.8 seconds

- Janessa Nourice: Girls’ under-8 80m in 12.80 seconds

- Grand Anse Praslin: Girls’ under-12 4x100 relay team of Laurie Athanase, Shania Bresson, Geesha Capricieuse, Lyza Monnaie, Megan Pierre and Jerla Pouponneau with 57.93 seconds.

- Joshua Onezime: Boys’ under-18 high jump with 2.01m

- Shakira Joubert: Girls’ under-18 200m in 25.90 seconds

- Denzel Adam: Boys’ open 200m in 21.78 seconds

- Daryl Hibonne: Boys’ open 1500m in 4:29.98.

La Digue primary and Anse Royale secondary retained their silverwares as best schools, while the Seychelles Tourism Academy was the new professional centre champion, dethroning the Seychelles Institute of Technology.

La Digue primary garnered a grand total of 160 points to win the title for a fourth year running after winning the girls’ under -10, boys’ under -10, boys’ under -12, girls’ under-14 and also the Most Gold Medals Cup for primary schools.

With a grand total of 280 points after clinching the boys’ under-16, girls’ under-16, boys’ under-18 and girls’ under-18 cups, Anse Royale secondary ensured the overall best trophy once more made the trip to Anse Royale for the eighth consecutive year.

In the professional centres category, the Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA) accumulated 132 points after clinching the girls’ open cup which was enough to put them on top to dethrone 2018 winner the Seychelles Institute of Technology (SIT).


Hall of Fame of the 43rd championships


President’s Cup – Fair Play (competitors)

Primary – Grand Anse Praslin

Secondary – Mont Fleuri

Professional Centre– Seychelles Business Studies Academy (SBSA)


President’s Cup – Fair Play (spectators)

Primary – Plaisance

Secondary – Perseverance

Professional Centre– Seychelles Business Studies Academy (SBSA)


Other Cups

Girls’ Under-8 – Anse Royale Primary (33 points)

Boys’ Under-8 – Anse Boileau Primary (30 points)

Girls’ Under-10 – La Digue Primary (39 points)

Boys’ Under-10 – La Digue Primary (28 points)

Girls’ Under-12 – Grand Anse Primary (46 points)

Boys’ Under-12 –La Digue and Grand Anse Praslin Primary (48 points)

Girls’ Under-14 – La Digue (34 points)

Boys’ Under-14 – Anse Boileau Secondary (52 points)

Girls’ Under-16 – Anse Royale Secondary (64 points)

Boys’ Under-16 – Pointe Larue Secondary (66 points)

Girls’ Under-18 – Anse Royale Secondary (95 points)

Boys’ Under-18 – Anse Royale Secondary (64 points)

Girls’ Open – Seychelles Tourism Academy (64 points)

Boys’ Open – Seychelles Institute of Technology (76 points)


Special Under-14 Primary Cup

Pointe Larue Primary – 6 points


Most Gold Medals Cup

Primary School – La Digue

Secondary School – Anse Royale

Professional Centre– Seychelles Institute of Technology


Best Overall School Cup

Primary – La Digue (160 points)

Secondary – Anse Royale (280 points)

Professional Centre– Seychelles Tourism Academy (132 points)


Gerard Govinden

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