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International Family Peace Day message from Universal Peace Federation Seychelles (UPF Seychelles)   ‘Love and Peace remain the key to a harmonious family relationship’ |14 May 2022

“On the occasion of International Family Day, UPF Seychelles takes this opportunity to wish and remind one another that Love and Peace remain the key to a harmonious family relationship. It’s only love that can help maintain peace at all time.

“However, we realise that it is not always easy and that one cannot really do it alone, he or she needs the support of every family member.

“Often, the family is one that can be compared to a tree which has different branches and leaves and can blossom into beautiful flowers or fruit if well nurtured. As human beings we can adopt that type of support where as a family we are one, we love, respect and support one another. So we can blossom to become a strong healthy family….

“The family is the starting point where we learn to love, share, and live together in harmony. This love that we learn at home in the family, then spreads to school, work, as a child grows up. And spreads to the rest of society as a whole.

“The family is the cornerstone of learning to love, and that is why it is fundamental to have healthy families. This is what UPF-Seychelles stands for, strong family units. At the end of the day, the entire globe is one family.

“Additionally, it is worth noting that for years now much emphasis has been placed on family relationship and values; and we are happy that for some years in Seychelles we have a Ministry of Family Affairs which englobe women, men and youth among others; and it bears witness to the importance that government, NGOs and society attach to families.

“To conclude I wish to quote a statement by the United Nations who declared May 15 as IFD (International Family Day): It states: ‘This Annual Observance of International Family Day reflects the importance which the International Community attaches to families as the basic unit of society and its concern regarding the situation around the world’.

“Here allow us UPF members to make mention of the situation in Ukraine which is being torn apart and the people forcefully having to move from one place to another due to the scourge of war. Additionally I cannot ignore the situation in Seychelles, where too many families are torn by domestic and other forms of family violence. More emphasis should be placed on the latter to help our families who are torn apart by other family members or neighbours. As follow up action we wish to also state that the Time to address these issues is Now!!!

“With that we wish all families a Happy Family Day. Let’s make it a day to be long remembered and let us Live For the Sake of Others for we are all one family under God.


R. Elizabeth

Secretary General – UPF Seychelles


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