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Private sector representatives voice their concerns |11 May 2022

Private sector representatives voice their concerns

The chairman of the Agricultural Producers’ Association of Seychelles, Barry Nourrice, has said that while there is emphasis on sustainable renewable production for exportation, there is a lack thereof on food safety.

Although there is the sustainable growth of products such as cinnamon and coconuts, this does not contribute to national food security.

Mr Nourrice is concerned majorly with the direct impact of this on foods. “Our main issue is how we get to resolving our problems,” he said.

He acknowledged that Seychelles has many problems and hopes that his presence on the committee will help bring them into perspective for the benefit of the locals.

As for eentrepreneur Mustafa Bristol, he stated that he considers the roadmap platform being provided by UNDP as visibility for his industry.

He mentioned that the government has recently been putting emphasis on a key sector and he believes the economy should be diversified, and no longer depend on only tourism.

“The platform that the UNDP is providing allows the development of the private sector, in terms of those that should be prioritised in diversifying our economy. To put ourselves on that map, puts us at an international level and allows us to be viewed as a potential business for certain to invest in,” he said.


Sylia Ah-Time

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