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Seychelles chapter of Universal Peace Federation explores ways to continue fostering peace, unity |11 May 2022

Seychelles chapter of Universal Peace Federation explores ways to continue fostering peace, unity

Group photo of the executive committee of UPF-Seychelles

Executive committee members of the Seychelles chapter of the Universal Peace Federation recently met for their first meeting this year during which they explored ways to continue fostering peace, unity, dialogue among our people.

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF-Seychelles) association, the Seychelles chapter conducted its extraordinary executive committee meeting led by its chairperson Roger Alphonse in the calmness of nature at the Botanical Gardens at Mont Fleuri.

The aim of the meeting was for the executive members to brainstorm on the calendar of activities for this year.

On the agenda were an opening prayer, welcoming remarks by chairperson Alphonse, presentation of the calendar of activities by secretary general Rosemary Elizabeth, financial report by treasurerJacob Terence Madeleine, registration updates and any other business before the closing remarks by the secretary general.

The main focus of the discussion was in regards to the calendar of activities for this current year. In spite of the difficult times of physical distancing, continuous washing of hands, and wearing of masks, members of the committee examined the possibilities of hosting this year’s planned activities to ensure that the association remains active and engaged as per its main purpose and objective.

The committee placed emphasis on fostering dialogues and gathering ideas, to continue to harmonise unity and share thoughts on how to weather the storm and keep the association and its members active.

“We need to continue to spread compassion, kindness and hope in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Mr Alphonse.

The committee members are looking ahead to embrace the proposed activities discussed for this year as well as engage members and the public to be part and parcel of the peace-building association – UPF-Seychelles.

At the end of the meeting, treasurer Jacob Terence Madeleine said “‘Where there is LOVE, let there be PEACE within.”

Interested persons are being invited to join the UPF-Seychelles and help build a national goal of peace with the aim of ‘Living for the Sake of Others’.

They can get in touch with: Mr Alphonse on telephone number +248 2722550, email: and Mrs Elizabeth on telephone number +2781560, email:







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