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Chinese Embassy in Seychelles hosts seminar to mark Chinese Youth Day |10 May 2022

Chinese Embassy in Seychelles hosts seminar to mark Chinese Youth Day

Ambassador Gou Wei in a souvenir photo with the young Seychellois and Chinese who took part in the event (Photo: Thomas Meriton)

Seychellois students who studied in China and some of those currently studying there, on Friday joined a group of young Chinese working in different fields in Seychelles, in a seminar to commemorate the Chinese Youth Day, which is celebrated annually on May 4.

The Chinese Embassy in Seychelles organised and hosted the seminar at its headquarters inSt Louis.

Chinese Youth Day is celebrated to mark the enlightenment of Chinese youth. The seminar,which saw the participation of some 20 attendees, was to make easier the exchange of experiences between the students who are studying and living in China and those who have lived and studied there as well as the young Chinese diplomats and those working and studying in different fields who are living in Seychelles. There were also representatives from the Confucius Institute of the University of Seychelles (UniSey), the Chinese medical team and Sinohydro Corporation Limited. The Chinese Ambassador to Seychelles H.E. Guo Weiwelcomed and interacted with the group of young people.

The young participants had the opportunity to discuss and exchange views on three main topics, namely their experience living in Seychelles and China, what impact did working or living in the two countries have on them, and the characteristics of the Seychellois and Chinese youth.

The Chinese Youth Day in modern time is inspired by the May 4 spirit, which refers to patriotism, progress, democracy and science. A young Chinese diplomat from the Embassy, Li Yi noted that the seminar acts as a platform for both sides to understand each other’s cultural differences and the exchanges will be beneficial for the relations and development of both parties.

Francis Woodcock, a young Seychellois currently studying in China, said: “The young people got the chance to mingle and practice their Chinese language and it was a good opportunity for us to brush up on our Chinese and I think it is something that should be organised every year and more young people should be invited to take part.”

“The youth is the most active and vital force in society. The hopes of a country and the future of a nation lies in the hands of its young generation. Likewise, youth plays an important role in the exchange between China and Seychelles. Most of the Seychellois students who benefitted from Chinese government scholarships lived in China for around five yearsand they have a better understanding of a real China,’’ said Ambassador Guo.

She further added that some of the Seychellois friends present at the seminar have finished their studies and have started to contribute to the development of Seychelles, while some are currently still studying. She noted that they hope all of the students will become supporters, builders and promoters of the China-Seychelles friendship in the future.


Marla Simeon

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