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Pupils, teachers learn sculpting techniques |07 May 2022

Pupils, teachers learn sculpting techniques

Mr Freminot (second right) giving instructions to the participants(Photo: Joena Meme)

The Easter school holidays are over and some pupils and teachers of Persévérance secondary school must be proud to have learned new sculpting techniques.

Donatien Freminot, the art teacher at the school and with over 40 years’ experience in sculpting and carving, exemplified the basics of sculpting to about nine participants‒pupils, teachers, staff and parents ‒ during a five-day workshop organised by the National Arts and Crafts Council (NACC).

Mr Freminot said the NACC launched the initiative during the school holidays to aid in motivating the youth and introduce them to the art of sculpting. The art teacher stated that since many local sculptors are getting older, there is a need for the younger generation to learn the art otherwise it may phase out.

The NACC also hosted the activity with the aim of keeping the youths busy and discourage them from participating in unsavory activities. The participants learned about the history of sculpting, the countries from where it originates, how modifications were made as well as the proper tools to use.

Mr Freminot said some of the participants had some knowledge of sculpting whilst others learned it from scratch during the workshop. All the participants received a certificate of participation from NACC executive director Jimmy Savy.

Sylvius Laporte, who recently graduated from the Seychelles Institute of Arts And Design (SIAD), was approached by the NACC to take part in the workshop. He stated that it was an activity he was looking forward to as when he was still attending post-secondary his interest was always in carving.

The Fine Arts graduate said whilst he awaits for further studies he wanted to practice carving and thus in the meantime seized the opportunity to start practicing it at the workshop. Mr Laporte said they started from the very beginning and is satisfied with what he has produced in his first trial.

Sangeetha Santhilkumar, office assistant at the Persévérance secondary school, said at the beginning it was very hard.

“I even got neck pain and wanted to give up because you need to put in a lot of effort,” said Ms Santhilkumar. She added that it was very interesting and once she started she wanted to continue.

At the beginning Ms Santhilkumar was more interested in arts and crafts and then developed an interest in sculpting. “In fact I registered my son for the workshop, but he lacks patience. I kept going but he has dropped out,” she interjected.


Marla Simeon


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