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Karting |26 April 2022

Delcy, Williams round three winners


Marc Delcy (Masters) became the third different winner in the three rounds held so far in the Masters class, while last year’s Intermediate champion Fabio Williams took victory in his class in last Sunday’s third round of the karting championship at the Champions Park Raceway, Roche Caïman.

In the Maters class, Marc Delcy took victory in the 10-lap final after starting from pole with Dave Rene taking second and Liza Rene-Cosgrow was third.

Steven Rosalie took fourth place to make it his first finish of the year after experiencing various mechanical issues with his kart in the two previous rounds, while Rennick Bonnelame was fifth overall.

On a very hot day, the racing was intense with the top three always in contention, but Marc made sure to stay ahead for victory, whilst Steven was hassled all the way by Rennick for that hard-earned fourth place.

In the Intermediates class, Fabio Williams, who also started from pole position, took a commanding lead before half way to win by a very big margin, whilst Mitra Labrosse took second place and Jean-David Melanie was third.

In the earlier part of the race, some karts were involved in a clash in the third bend which delayed half of the field as they tried to avoid the mêlée, thus allowing Fabio to open a massive gap.

Dean Maillet took fourth place with Carlos Renaud fifth, Christian Bastienne sixth, Denilson Melanie seventh, whilst Eric Maillet who was involved in the spin took eighth position and Terence Anderson was ninth overall.

Both Marc (FTD 33.402) and Fabio (FTD 44.277) set the fastest time in the final to gain their bonus points towards the championship.




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