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World Book and Copyright Day on April 23   Long serving school librarians recognised |22 April 2022

World Book and Copyright Day on April 23     Long serving school librarians recognised

The long serving librarians in a souvenir photo with Minister Valentin, HC Suhag and PS Eulentin (Photo: Joena Meme)

A group of six school librarians who have worked in their chosen profession for between 39 and 50 years, have been recognised and rewarded for their long service.

That was during a short ceremony organised by the Ministry of Education at its headquarters in Mont Fleuri yesterday to mark World Book and Copyright Day which falls on April 23.

The six librarians are Geraine Antat who currently works at the library of the Ministry of Education and has served for 50 years, Edwige Joubert from Baie Ste Anne primary school and has clocked 43 years of service, Christina Dogley from Beau Vallon secondary school with 41 years of service, Marie Ange Moustache from Belonie secondary school with 41 years of service, Mary Antat with 40 years of service and Marie Annette Lawen a senior librarian at the Ministry of Education with 39 years of service.

They all received a trophy presented by Education Minister, Dr Justin Valentin, a gift sponsored and presented by Indian High Commissioner, General Dalbir Singh Suhag, and a certificate presented by principal secretary for education services, Merna Eulentin.

The World Book and Copyright Day is a celebration that promotes the enjoyment of books and reading as well as recognises the scope of books, a connection between the past and the future, connecting generations and different cultures. The theme for this year’s World Book and Copyright Day is ‘Read…so you never feel alone’.

The Ministry of Education chose to honour the long serving librarians on this day to recognise their hard work, patience and endless contributions to the schools’ library services.

PS Eulentin is encouraging the public in general to read more and to be more conscientious of the importance of reading.

“When we read we broaden our knowledge and some people describe reading as entering into a whole new world,” she added.

Indian High Commissioner Suhag, for his part, stated that “a library plays an important role in the education of our children. It is not just books but also knowledge.”

He added that people have lost touch with reading nowadays and are choosing to focus mostly on their electronic devices. He noted, however, that many also use their devices to read and thus physical books are fading out to which he said there should be a comeback.

With 41 years of experience, Christina Dogley of Beau Vallon secondary school noted that being a librarian is exactly like teaching as they also organise different activities and classes for their young readers.

She added that many people do not understand the importance of librarians. She works with pupils from secondary 1 to 5 and describes the experience as fulfilling.

Mrs Dogley highlighted that all pupils can borrow three books and upon returning them they must recount the stories they have read to the librarian.

“If the pupils are unable to do this, they are not allowed to borrow new books until they have read the previous ones. This is a way to know and ensure the pupils are reading,” she pointed out.

Marla Simeon

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