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The Children’s House Montessori pays tribute to past teachers |11 April 2022

The Children’s House Montessori pays tribute to past teachers

A souvenir photograph to mark the occasion (Photo: Joena Meme)

The Children’s House Montessori primary and pre-school held a ceremony on Friday to pay tribute to past teachers, assistant teachers and current teachers.

Present for the event were representatives from IECD (Institute for Early Childhood Development) and SITE (Seychelles Institute of Teacher Education) and past teachers.

Lucy Barois, the head teacher of the school, said they are sharing their gratitude, the good times and the challenges they faced together.

The purpose of the event was to pay tribute to all those who have worked at the school over the past 25 years in commemoration of the school’s 25 years of existence.

The head teacher acknowledged that all the teachers that have passed and are at The Children’s House Montessori have made such a great impact on the care and education of the young children.

The school also worked towards developing empathetic educators specifically in the early childhood sector.

The teachers that have worked and are working at Montessori have had opportunities to pursue the Montessori certification with the help of the head teacher.

Mavis Lespoir, the deputy director for studies at the SITE, said that children are also vital to society’s future.

She stressed that it is at the early age that if nurtured correctly the children will be able to develop the cognitive domain, emotional and physical domain that is essential to a child’s holistic development.


Marla Simeon

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