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Students following B.Ed in Social Sciences at UniSey conduct ‘mobility study’ in Victoria |04 April 2022

Students following B.Ed in Social Sciences at UniSey conduct ‘mobility study’ in Victoria

Thyra Fred and Liza Arnephy with the registrar at the UniSey Indra Persaud (Photo: Joena Meme)

Two teachers from Grand Anse Praslin secondary school currently in their second year study for a B.Ed in Social Sciences at the UniSey, last week conducted a two-day survey on mobility in Victoria.

Thyra Fred and Liza Arnephy received the help of a group of 11 of their S1 to S4 students as well as a fellow social science teacher Dean Jean.

The survey entailed collecting data during three peak hours – 4 to 5pm, 11am to 1pm and 7 to 8am.

Catching up with the group after they had conducted their first monitoring and data collection late Thursday evening, Ms Arnephy explained how they went about conducting the exercise.

She said mobility is everything, every movement of people, vehicles, the food supply, services…

“Our study is focusing on mobility as a whole but I am focusing more on accessibility in terms of mobility in relation to the pedestrian crossing,” Ms Arnephy detailed.

As part of the study the students, divided in pairs, spent 10 minutes at the different pedestrian crossings in the centre of Victoria and they observed how frequently people use the crossing, who were the people using the crossing, if they were disabled, blind, deaf, illiterate…

The students also had to pinpoint if where the pedestrian crossing is located there are signs and indications leading to it that will make people know it is located.

“Where it is located would people using a wheelchair, those who are deaf and blind know it is there ? While we know that these groups of people would probably not be moving around alone but when we are talking about an inclusive society there should be all the necessary facilities that ensure no group is left out,” Ms Arnephy pointed out.

She said the findings of the study will be analysed at length both with their students as well as by them as university students.

“Our aim is to bring to the attention of the concerned authorities our findings and call on them to address these issues,” Ms Arnephy stated.

She said what they have observed is that people use the pedestrian crossing a lot but not necessarily in the correct manner, traffic lights are not working properly, there are no proper road signs, among various other issues.

For her part Ms Fred, who focused mostly on interacting with people coming to Victoria for different reasons, on the various movements and activities in Victoria, how they impact on people’s lives and what the possible solutions are explained that not many people were willing to talk but those who did expressed what they are feeling.

“But what we have observed is that people are really frustrated with traffic, and many other things in the town area,” he said.

During the two days the two teachers and their students also observed mobility at the UniSey campus at Mont Fleuri, they also met with officials from SLTA for a presentation, had a short meeting with the PS for education services Merna Eulentin.

For her part Indra Persaud, registrar at the UniSey and the teachers’ lecturer who has been monitoring the work conducted by the group, said the survey is an important component of their course and a practical assessment for which the teachers are using their students to help them.

Marie-Anne Lepathy

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