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Seychelles Fashion Week-Dubai officially launched |26 March 2022

Seychelles Fashion Week-Dubai officially launched

The Seychelles Fashion Week-Dubai was officially launched on March 16 at Jubilee Stage, with a total of four local and three international designers taking part in the event alongside 18 models from Seychelles and make-up and hair artist Ann Marie Price.

The four local designers are Oushnajohn Labrosse (Brand Ojz Seychelles),

Juliette Zelime (Brand Kaju Seychelles), Athalia Barbe (Brand Elegance Africain Seychelles) and Nigel Henri who is partnering with an international designer from Indonesia.

The international designers are Precious Lulu and Romeo Paul.

The Seychelles Fashion Week-Dubai will now be held every year in the same period of the year in collaboration with Runway Dubai and other partners.

According to the organisers this will eventually open doors for local and international designers and models.

The best local designers and models taking part in the Seychelles Fashion Week will be chosen for Dubai and eventually it will be open for other designers and models from across the world.  

The theme for this year’s Seychelles Fashion Week-Dubai (SFWK-Dubai) is ‘The Eden Fusion’.

SFWK-Dubai celebrates the fashion industry in Seychelles, where Seychelles designers, both professionals and amateurs come together accompanied by new, young and aspiring designers converging onto the runway with international designers to showcase and exhibit their collections in Seychelles. Simultaneously the event facilitates the platform for local and international models and trade show promoting Seychellois textiles, apparel, handicrafts, accessories and SMEs in collaboration with local and international partners.

Another objective of the event is to attract Fashion Tourism to Seychelles thus help to develop the aspect of Cultural Tourism for the Seychelles as well.

Meanwhile the 5th Seychelles Fashion Week® (SFW®) will be held from the September 26 to October 1, 2022. The launch of SFWK-Dubai is thus part of the celebration, with the aim of hosting the event in Dubai every year from now on.

The management of SFW® and SFWK-Dubai would like to thank all their partners and sponsors who have supported the event.

“Your contribution has been greatly appreciated which has made a significant impact in the success of the event,” a spokesperson for the organisers has said.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the SFWK-Dubai launch.



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