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Athletics: Annual general meeting 2022 Selby Dora stays on as SAF chairman |26 March 2022

There has been only one change in the composition of the Seychelles Athletics Federation’s executive committee as Selby Dora will keep on leading the local athletics body for two more years.

First elected Seychelles Athletics Federation (SAF) chairman in 1998, Dora was given the nod once again during Thursday’s annual general meeting held at the hall of the Ministry of Education at Mont Fleuri.

After replacing Michel Jean-Louis as secretary general in 2006, Wilfred Adrien stays on in the same role, while Fabien Belle has been given another mandate as the federation’s treasurer.

The ordinary members are Lynda Jeanne, Soutanne Robert, Michel Jean-Louis, Joseph Adam, Yannick Magnan and Monica Samson.

Magnan replaces Anna Barra.


Gerard Govinden

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