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National Choir gets donation of 6000 face masks |02 March 2022

National Choir gets donation of 6000 face masks

The choir rehearsing

The Seychelles National Choir has received 6000 disposable surgical face masks from the Seychelles China Cultural and Tourism Association.

It was the secretary of the association, Hu Tao, who handed over the face masks to the executive director of the National Arts and Craft Council (NACC) Jimmy Savy in the presence of the conductor of the Seychelles National Choir Xiaoju Lownam in a small ceremony held last Thursday at the choir’s rehearsal premises, Premier Building annex, in Victoria. Also present were some members of the choir.

The face masks will be used by the choir during rehearsals which are being held twice a week at the location, 4th floor Premier Building since some of the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted by the Ministry of Health.

Mr Hu said that the association had wanted to make the donation to the Seychelles National Choir as it had in the past assisted the association with performance alongside other Chinese groups that came to perform in the country.

He added that the association is happy to help groups of people who need help and that it will be carrying out some of its planned goodwill gestures towards the community which it hadn’t been able to conduct on account of Covid-19.

On behalf of the choir, Daniella Labiche, a chorister, said that they are always thankful and grateful for any gesture and donations from anyone that can make a difference in their choir.

She stated that with the pandemic it has not been easy, especially for them as choristers, to get together for their common goal, which is to sing.

She noted that as they had started to meet together as a group for rehearsals, the donation will help to make sure that they apply all the health guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOPs) required by the health authority.

She thanked Mr Hu for the kind donation.

The Seychelles National Choir, under the umbrella of NACC, comprises 35 sopranos, tenors and altos choristers. During its 20-year existence, the choir has conducted many performances locally and abroad, including producing an album of local traditional music in 2013.


Patrick Joubert

Photos by Thomas Meriton

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