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Art - Meet Mala, a mixed media watercolour artist hoping to inspire colourful dreaminess into our worlds |14 February 2022

Art - Meet Mala, a mixed media watercolour artist hoping to inspire colourful dreaminess into our worlds

Mala Rama

Today we learn about the paintings of Mala Rama, a mixed media watercolour artist inspired by her stay on La Digue to create pieces that reflect the colours from all around us in Seychelles, colours which Mala says promote a sense of joy, elevated emotions, and which hopefully bring us closer to ourselves.


Seychelles NATION: Tell us about yourself and your background in art.

Mala Rama: I studied an A-level in Arts as well as a diploma in Arts in France. My father is Mauritian and my mother is Seychellois. I was born here but grew up in Mauritius. I came back to Seychelles around the age of 24.


Seychelles NATION: What techniques, tools and equipment do you use in your work? What do you do with your artwork once complete?

Mala Rama: The technique I paint with is watercolour, however I would call myself a mixed media watercolour artist. This is because I use different mediums such as acrylic ink, graphite, pastel and collage.

I use traditional watercolour paper but recently I am trying more modern approaches, such as painting on Gesso panels. These are now displayed at the current exhibition taking place at Kenwyn House Gallery. The outcome is stunning as there is no glass barrier between the viewer and the art. So my approach to watercolour is more contemporary and edgy – a unique style I would say.

I use high grade professional art materials for my paintings because I believe in longevity of the artwork. These are all bought online from the United Kingdom as they are not available here.

Right now my artworks are sold at two galleries, the Seychelles Art Foundation on Mahé and Gallerie Passerose on Praslin. I am also working on launching my own website this year.


Seychelles NATION: What inspired you to become an artist and to now create paintings that reflect the beauty of Seychelles?

Mala Rama: I have been drawing as far as I can remember, maybe around 3 years old. I come from an artistic family in Mauritius, as well as very business oriented. In college, I tried different art forms and techniques but I would say watercolour chose me and since then I have been hooked.

With regards to what I'm painting right now, I was inspired to paint again during my stay on La Digue island. I saw potential for selling mini artworks that depict the beauty of Seychelles to tourists.


Seychelles NATION: How do you feel when you are working on your paintings?

Mala Rama: I love watercolour for its fluidity and flexibility. There is a feeling of lightness and translucence which brings me to a meditative state. The colours are inspired from all around us here in Seychelles, so you can imagine its only pure joy and elevation. This is the end result that I would be looking for.


Seychelles NATION: What ways do you look to progress this type of art form and what are your hopes for when people view your paintings?

Mala Rama: I would like to keep trying different ways to exhibit my paintings. As well as the panels, I would like to try exhibiting watercolour paper on panels.

I certainly cannot tell people how to feel about my paintings, but I am hoping to inspire joy and colourful dreaminess to their inner as well as outer world. Art is supposed to inspire elevated emotions and bring you closer to yourself.

For more information:

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-           Telephone/WhatsApp: 2 634 354

The accompanying photos show some of Mala’s paintings.



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