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Judiciary sheds light on suspension of lawyers   |09 February 2022

The Office of the Registrar of the Supreme Court has clarified the reasons for the suspension of certain lawyers, as per an email that was screenshot and shared since Friday February 4, 2022 with the public.

(1) Laura Valabhji – Mrs Valabhji is charged with criminal offences, as a result of which she is in breach of Rule 4, 3 (a) and Rule 21 of the Legal Practitioner’s (Professional Conduct) Rules. Her license was suspended with effect from January 21, 2022, pending the determination of the criminal proceedings brought against her.

(2) William Herminie – Mr Herminie is in breach of Section 14.3 of the Notaries Act and Rule 11(1) of the Legal Practitioner’s (Professional Conduct) Rules, which deal with conflicts of interest. His license as a Notary was suspended from February 1, 2022. However, he remains a legal practitioner and can still advise clients and represent them in court. He cannot do any notarial work.

(3) Leslie Boniface – Mr Boniface’s license has been suspended for 30 days for being in breach of Section 6A(6)(d) of the Legal Practitioners Act, and Rule 12 of the Legal Practitioner’s (Professional Conduct) Rules. He is given the 30-day period to repay monies he received and was supposed to pay over to the complainant in a case, which he did not do. In the event that he neglects, fails or refuses to repay the monies within the 30-day period, his license will be suspended for 12 months.

(4) Nichol Gabriel – Mr Gabriel’s license has been suspended since February 6, 2020 due to a series of complaints against him pending before the Judicial Disciplinary Committee. He has also been charged in a money laundering case pending before the courts and is in breach of Section 6A(6)(a), (b) and (d) of the Legal Practitioners Act, and Rule 4, 3 (a) and Rule 21 of the Legal Practitioner’s (Professional Conduct) Rules.

(5) Lydia Mubarak Ali – Mrs Mubarak-Ali’s license expired since July 20, 2020 and has not been renewed due to the fact that she has pending against her a case before the Judicial Disciplinary Committee involving appropriation of clients monies; this is in breach of Section (9)(1) of the Legal Practitioners Act and Rule 4 of the Legal Practitioner’s (Professional Conduct) Rules.

The updating and communication of the list of licensed lawyers is a regular procedure within the Judiciary. This is in order to properly inform all lawyers and parties concerned, such as the Judges, Magistrates, and Registrar General who are required to know the license status of all practicing lawyers in the country before they appear before them.

The Judiciary of Seychelles has previously published a comprehensive list of licensed lawyers in its December 2021 newsletter, and the Registrar’s Office updates this list regularly. This list is also shared on the Judiciary website and regularly updated. We encourage members of the public to view this information before contracting any lawyers’ services.


Press release from the Judiciary

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