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Launch of Kreoflix, a new media company   |24 January 2022

Launch of Kreoflix, a new media company   

Patsy and Aubrey, the creators of the newly launched media company

Kreoflix, a local media production house, went online yesterday, Sunday January 23, 2022, allowing subscribers to access a selection of local content.

What is new about this product? Kreoflix was set up in March 2020 and offers a wide range of local programmes ranging from games, entertainment and talk shows, targeting all age groups. 

The platform is also streaming programmes including movies from other local media companies under a licensed agreement.

The media company is the brainchild of Aubrey Philo and Patsy Canaya, who have extensive experience in media in Seychelles.

Kreoflix targets the Seychelles diaspora, who do not have access to all local content on other available platforms as well as gives local viewers another choice for content.

The creators of Kreoflix shared that “the idea came about at the beginning of the pandemic and at the time of the country’s lockdown, as we wanted Seychellois who could not travel to Seychelles at the time to still see what was happening and get a feel of the country. People will now be able to access all these content on one platform”.

Kreoflix is presently producing a myriad of local content to ensure a continuous flow of fresh and interesting content. Some content will be exclusive to the platform.

“Local production is costly, but we still want our content to be affordable and reach as many people as possible, so we are hoping to engage with sponsors, to ensure quality, affordable production,” stated Aubrey and Patsy.

Currently they are already on social media and the most famous posters are:

Zepis Anplis: Whet your appetite!!! Executive Chef Marcus Freminot brings ‘haute cuisine’ to your doorsteps in this exciting culinary show. Simple yet exquisite gourmet dish, made from easy-to-find ingredients.”

Franchement:- Seychelles’ aspiring youths talk to Sylvie aka Madame Franchement about fashion, sexuality, movies, women’s rights, and politics in this candid conversation. Nothing’s taboo in these engaging and mind-blowing conversations.”

Zanfan i dir: -If you want to know the truth, talk to a child!!! No filter as kids share their thoughts, dreams, and aspirations through these tête à tête with Miss Myra.”

Defi - Get set, ready, Go! Discover, Explore and Learn more about Seychelles’ key sites through this educational game – Defi. In each episode, two kids battle it out, solving clues, facing obstacles, to get to the finishing line.”

Subscribers can now access a monthly package at R199, with unlimited viewing on any device.

The programmes will soon be accessible via a mobile App.

Subscribers can now stream online at or follow Kreoflix on its Facebook Page.


Vidya Gappy

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