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Independent School releases 2021 exam results |21 January 2022

The Independent School has released the IGCSE, AS, A-level, DELF and P6 Checkpoint exam results that its students sat in October/November last year.



Thirty-seven Year 2 students sat a total of 128 A-level exam entries, out of which seventeen students sat four subjects. 100% pass grades were recorded, with 83% at C or higher.

31 students scored 18 points or above; this include 13 students who scored 30 points or above. The other 6 students scored 10 to 17 points.

Parrik Dang Kow, Shawn Hoareau and Bertrand Morin, having scored four ‘A*’s

deserve special mention. Other students who scored at least three ‘A’s or above are Jade Du Preez, Ewan Lawen and Lara Bastille.



Congratulations to the A2 students for their excellent performance! We wish all of them continued success as they proceed for further studies or the world of work.


AS level

Thirty-six Year 1 students sat a total of 120 AS level exam entries, out of which ten students sat four subjects and one sat 5 subjects. 73% of the grades are ‘c^’ or higher, with 21 students scoring 3 ‘c^’s or better. 25% of the students achieved at least 3 ‘a^’s.

All the students are progressing to A2 and we expect that they will all continue to work diligently, with the guidance and advice of their teachers, to succeed in their final year.



IGCSE results

70 students sat a total of 641 exam entries, 57 students (81%) scored 5 ‘C’s or better, including 27 students (39%) who scored 5 ‘A’s or above. The pass rate is 99%.

43% of all grades are ‘A’ to ‘A*’, while 83% are C or higher. These grades are commendable especially considering the difficulty of online learning and periods of isolation/quarantine that Covid forced on the candidates. The school

congratulates the students for all their hard work and perseverance in the face of such difficulties.

41% of students sat 10 or more IGCSEs. Taral Bhasadia, with 11 A*s, and Hillary Lowseck with 10 A*s are the top performers this year. Other top performers are (in no order): Stephie Li Ah Kane, Tariq Naidoo, Wayne Palmyre, Tanmay Raghwani, Pearl Patel.



The students also sat for the DELF Scolaire exam. The results are as follows:



P6 Primary Checkpoint results

This year, 76 P6 students sat the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint exams in three subjects – English, Maths and Science from October 13 – 15, 2021.

The Cambridge Primary Checkpoint assessment is a form of evaluation used to ascertain whether students have achieved the objectives set from P1 to P6. It enables schools to obtain an international benchmark of learner’s performance and to identify and address learning needs in English, Mathematics and Science.

The table shows the percentage of students scoring grades 3.0 to 6.0 (Good to Excellent) and grades 0.0 to 2.9 (Very Poor to OK)



Compared to 2020, this cohort has shown significant improvement in Science with 97.4% of students scoring a grade 3.0 or better. However, for Maths and English the percentage of students scoring grade 3.0 or better remains consistent to the previous year.

The top excellent performers who scored 100% and grade 6.0 in all 3 subjects are Amber Horter, Sophia Pragassen and Cian Neiland.

The following students also scored excellent for all three subjects (in alphabetical order): Shannie Alexis, Adam Ally, Aishwana De Commarmond, Maria Edmond, Luiza Gertrude, Jessica Hoarau, Haeley Hoareau, Zoe Hoareau, Seamus Rose and Elio Vielle.

We congratulate all the students for their hard work especially given the school closure due to Covid-19 lockdown last year and the consequent challenges this created. We also recognise the dedication of students who worked extremely hard to attain their pass grades. We wish them all the very best in their further studies and careers.

The school management and board members also warmly thank the staff who, through their effort and commitment over the years, have ensured that the students performed to the very best of their abilities.

Similarly, we recognise and sincerely appreciate the support and encouragement that we received from parents during the time that they entrusted their children’s education to us.


Press release from the Independent School

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