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Computing and Additional Learning Centre to start new extra classes, re-skilling training |19 January 2022

Computing and Additional Learning Centre to start new extra classes, re-skilling training

Learning in progress at the Computing and Additional Learning Centre

As the Covid-19 pandemic shows no sign of abating, parents are concerned about their children’s education and as more people lose their jobs and are not sure what to do and in what area to re-train, through an agreement signed with the department of Employment mid last year, the Computing and Additional Learning Centre is still offering a variety of extra lessons and training programmes in different areas.

Clivy Albert, the managing director of Computing and Additional Learning Centre based in the Salle d’Oeuvres Building in Victoria, said it will be 20 years this year since the centre has been offering extra classes for pupils and develop adult computer skill as well as provide training in different fields.

He said the different lessons are still in demand and people should not hesitate to come forward and seek to gain other skills.

“Computing and Additional Learning still focuses on giving new skills and broadening the knowledge and education of our people of all ages,” Mr Albert said.

The Computing and Additional Learning Centre has been offering a variety of extra classes in languages as well as mathematics and computer lessons for young primary pupils. For secondary students they have been offering extra classes mostly in physics, mathematics, English as well as computer lessons.

Mr Albert noted that it is thanks to the services of qualified part-time instructors in the different subjects who have been faithful to the centre over the years that it has succeeded to give additional skills to many young people as well as many mature students in different areas.

“Pupils with learning difficulties have seen themselves catching up on their lessons while those doing very well have sought extra classes to develop further,” Mr Albert said.

He noted that mathematics is a subject that many pupils struggle with and at the centre, they have helped a lot of them to cope better.

In terms of classes for adults, Mr Albert said the centre focuses mostly on offering basic courses in different subjects like accounting, human resource, customer service and do not ask for a lot of requirements in order to enroll on the courses.

“Many people often believe that these courses demand a lot and that they would never be able to enroll on and see themselves succeeding which is not at all the case because we at the Computing and Additional Learning Centre firmly believe in giving people a second chance in life. This is their chance to develop their skills as well as their confidence,” Mr Albert said.

He went on to note that through an agreement signed with the department of Employment last year, the centre has helped re-skilled over 70 people who had lost their jobs because of the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic by upgrading their computer knowledge and skills and giving them training in basic accounting.

“Today I am happy that these people are doing other jobs and are moving on in their lives. People should not be afraid to come forward and seize the opportunity for a second chance in life. Computer knowledge today is very important, it is the basis for online learning as well as for all the small basic everyday life activities,” Mr Albert pointed out.

He noted that people should not be afraid because to start with they will only have to learn the basics about a computer and the rest they will gradually learn as they go along.

Meanwhile Mr Albert has pointed out that over the years there has been a remarkable decrease in the number of pupils who enroll for computer lessons because he says many parents, once their children can manipulate different electronic gadgets, they believe they are computer literate which is not at all the case.

“Often when their school lessons involve producing works in Microsoft Word or Excel they are unable to do so and often it is difficult to convince the parents that manipulating the different electronic gadgets are different from computer knowledge. Such knowledge is crucial for home schooling and parents should be aware of these issues at a time when a lot of emphasis is being placed on virtual and home schooling and online learning,” Mr Albert remarked.

Mr Albert went on to note that prices for extra classes for pupils can be paid on a termly basis and parents can always discuss payment terms for the different packages and agree on something which is reasonable for both parties.

Looking back on the achievements of the centre almost 20 years later Mr Albert said he is proud and happy at the number of people – both pupils and adults – who have gone through the centre and are doing well in their lives.

“I am full of pride when people started off by learning the very basic at the centre and later went on to join other learning centres like The Guy Morel Institute to further their studies,” Mr Albert said.      

Mr Albert said lessons are expected to start soon as more parents seek extra lessons for their children to boost their learning as Covid-19 continue to interrupt face to face learning.

For more information call 4226241/ 2512691 to get a new start in your life as well as boost your child’s education during those difficult times.


Compiled by Marie-Anne Lepathy






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