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A chat with Lauren Leon, the young lady with the sweet voice in the 2021 hit song ‘Atrap Lafimen’ ‘I've been singing for as long as I can remember’ |06 January 2022

A chat with Lauren Leon, the young lady with the sweet voice in the 2021 hit song ‘Atrap Lafimen’  ‘I've been singing for as long as I can remember’

Lauren at the recent SBC Paradise FM Award ceremony

The year 2021 has been a very busy, exciting, as well as a challenging one for young Lauren Leon.

The 20-year-old student of the Seychelles Business Studies Academy (SBSA) is also the young lady with the powerful but sweet voice in one of 2021 most appreciated hit songs ‘Atrap Lafimen’ which caught themusic scene by storm and left music lovers scrambling for a copy of the song while others voted every week to keep it at the top of Paradise FM top 10 chart show for many consecutive weeks.

Chatting with the young lady this week, she shared her passion for music and singing, modelling as well as her commitment to her studies.

Considering herself as an ‘extroverted introvert’, Lauren still remembers her first ever singing performance, at the age of 6.

“I sang ‘Petet en zour’ by Antoinette Dodin at one of my aunts’ staff party,” she recalled.

Currently residing at Anse Boileau, Lauren attended primary school and part of secondary there but transferred to Mont Fleuri when in S4.

“But while at Anse Boileau school, I engaged in many clubs and activities because I was always open to learning new things and I still am. I remember at school there was a teacher, Sir Christopher, who supported and encouraged me to pursue my personal development in music as well. So I suppose this allowed me to grow and develop further,” Lauren recounted.

As she grew older, she kept wanting to take part in more music performances and she did not let an opportunity pass by.

In 2018 she took part in the ‘Sesel i annan Talan’ musical show.

“Even though I didn't reach the finals, I was contented for having met face to face with popular local singer, musician and song writer Jean Marc Volcy who offered me the opportunity to sing one of his songs on one of his future albums. I was over the moon about the offer but I was told I needed to work on building my confidence. Years passed and I thought he had completely forgotten about me,” said Lauren.

So in 2019 she went on to take part in the ‘Bring it on’ gospel music talent show in which she secured first place with an original song.

“I remember about a year later, Jean Marc Volcy contacted me. Then I realised he had kept the promise he made to me. We went to Ruben's studio and he told me to make the song my own but keep to the melody. Frankly I was not expecting the song to be a hit, although Mr Volcy assured me it would be, simply due to the fact that I was singing it he said,” Lauren recalled his words.

“I plan on continuing this journey with Mr Volcy and maybe in the future I will consider singing songs written by other artists. But for now I'm going to let God guide my path,” said Lauren.


Encouraged by support she received

The young lady says she has been really glad people appreciate the song and all the support and encouragement she has received from all her new fans has helped her in so many ways.

“I'm happy to say that singles will be released every now and then but for now I intend to seriously focus on my studies at the SBSA as I am in my 3rd and final year following a diploma course in accounting and finance,” the young lady pointed out.

She also revealed that she is attempting to write her own songs “but I'm not yet satisfied with the outcome so it's a work in progress”.


Passion for modelling

Lauren said her other passion is for modelling.

“But I am not a signed model with Telly's Modelling Agency. I only took part in Seychelles Fashion Week 2021 to check that off my bucket list but I know there will be many more opportunities to come.

Gracing the catwalk makes me feel empowered and seen. The rush and thrill of it all is unlike anything I've ever experienced. Truly, modelling has helped in boosting my confidence and I hope to one day, alongside a music career, build a career in that as well,” Lauren revealed.

In the grand fashion show of the 4th Fashion Week held at the end of November last year at L’Escale Resort, the public surely still remember seeing Lauren strutting the catwalk in clothes designed by both local designers like Athalia Barbe, Tamarisk Moncherry, Fina Zialor, Emmally Hoareau and Darren Esther as well as clothes by international designers such as Eric Raisina, Precious Lulu, Lindiwe Makhoba among others. Additionally she also had the opportunity to sing the famous song ‘Atrap Lafimen’ which accompanied Tamarisk Moncherry’s bridal collection display. She said it was a moment of great pride and joy for her.

But other than her two great passions and her studies, Lauren also enjoys reading, hiking, sports and spending time with her family who has been her tower of strength, support and encouragement all throughout her different endeavours.


2021 a rollercoaster of emotions and challenges

Lauren has described 2021 as a rollercoaster of emotions “that I cannot begin to describe. I've encountered some challenges with school due to the Covid-19 outbreak and my mental health hasn't been the best either. However, I am grateful for all the highs and lows knowing God is faithful and His ways and plans will always be greater than mine”.

But what are her plans for this New Year?

“Well I will just have to wait and see what the future holds.”

Seychelles NATION wishes Lauren all the best in all that she does.

Compiled by Marie-Anne Lepathy

Photos Louis Toussaint /Lauren Leon

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