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STEM programme launched at Independent School |29 May 2019

STEM programme launched at Independent School

Mr Estico speaking at the launch of the STEM programme at the Independent School

Independent School Seychelles is set to benefit from the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programme initiated by the National Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation (NISTI).

This follows the official launch of the STEM programme at the school by NISTI’s chief executive Xavier Estico on May 15, 2019.

This was in the presence of Yasmine Coopoosamy, deputy director for Independent School, who welcomed the NISTI team for the launch.

The programme seeks to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education among young people and to equip them with knowledge and skills that will eventually be useful to them in the future.

Under the programme, students from primary to secondary will be introduced to concepts including basic hands on training in computers, robotics, artificial intelligence, renewable energy, internet of things and air space management in the modern age among other new and emerging technologies, better known as Frontier Technologies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The STEM programme was initially launched in 2015 and the organisation aims to have a STEM programme through the launch of STI clubs. The aim is to have a STI club in each secondary school by 2020. Currently, Beau Vallon, Grand Anse Praslin secondary and Anse Boileau schools are the only public schools with an STI clubs programme and it is expected to be launched at La Digue secondary school soon.

Mr Estico explained the importance of the programme stating that it is imperative to improve and increase interest in STEM education since the world is evolving at a fast pace and technology is at the forefront of all development.

“When I was in school, science was interesting and exciting. Science, Technology and Innovation is extremely important to developing countries as it is the backbone of national development. The school students are the future generation and they will be using the new and emerging technologies of the future,” Mr Estico added.

Three tutors, namely Manfred Laporte, Joseph Raj and Cindhuja Kamalraj will deliver the programme materials on dedicated days when the programme is run by respective schools and they will also help on other days when activities are organised for all participating schools at the NISTI headquarters at Bel Ombre.

According to Mr Estico, NISTI is faced with numerous challenges to implement the programme in all schools due to lack of manpower.

“But we have realised that despite these clubs, there is no continual effort to sustain the programme and to maintain interest and we decided that the way to bring interest in STEM education is to step in and run a programme with the school based on themes that are important for now and the future,” said Mr Estico.

The STEM programme will be launched at other schools that show interests in developing awareness of the Frontier Technologies.


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