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Canoeing for charity |29 November 2021

Canoeing for charity

Mr D’Offay getting ready before the race on Saturday

Paul D’Offay completes first crossing


Paul ‘Fisher’ D’Offay has completed the first of three crossings he has set himself the goal of achieving for a charitable cause.

His objective is to paddle over three crossings to raise funds to buy 100 beds for terminally ill patients and he is doing this together with non-governmental organisation Impact Sports Education Entertainment (ISEE).

On Saturday, the 70-year-old canoeist left the shore not far from his home at Anse à la Mouche at 5.45am to paddle to the Sail Training Scheme in Roche Caïman but instead proceeded until the Marine Charter in Victoria. He completed the distance ion 8 hours.

Yesterday, D’Offay, who on April 6 this year completed the crossing from Mahé to Praslin, paddled from the Sail Training Scheme in Roche Caïman to Anse à la Mouche via the northern coast. Upon arriving at Anse à la Mouche, the whole village was there at the shore to welcome their hero.

Altogether, D’Offay covered a total distance of 44,000 nautical miles by going round Mahé in two days.

“It’s been two interesting days of paddling. The sea condition was not too good today (Sunday) compared to Saturday. We experienced strong currents from Soleil d’Or up to Ephelia, but I persevered because I had trained hard,” D’Offay told Sports NATION yesterday.

He added that he will rest for a few days before resuming training, but this time with canoe coach Philip Albert.

“For the next race, I will be using a kayak. Philip has told me he has already prepared one for me and has offered to give me some training. A kayak is more comfortable for such races compared to a canoe which I am using. So I expect to cover the same distances in a shorter time,” added Mr D’Offay.

A number of canoeists like Tony Lespoir, Philip Albert, Trevor Lespoir and Peter Ismael accompanied Mr D’Offay on the journey. The Seychelles Coast Guard was also present to assure safety.

The second challenge is on Saturday December 11 when Mr D’Offay will paddle from Mahé to La Digue and the third crossing from Mahé to Silhouette is set for Sunday December 19.

Impact Sports Education Entertainment (ISEE) hopes to procure two types of beds, including specialised beds at a cost of over R40,000 each.

Anyone who wish to donate to the cause should contact 2815999.

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