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ACCS’ case in the disappearance of US $50 million   Senior SPDF officer arrested, more weapons found at detained couple’s home |22 November 2021

The police confirmed yesterday that a senior officer of the Seychelles People's Defence Forces has been arrested in connection with the ongoing investigations involving the disappearance of US $50 million donated in 2002 by Abu Dhabi as a gift to the people of Seychelles to buy essential food products.

This information was released a day after the police said on Saturday that they found and seized more guns and ammunitions at the home of a prominent local businessman, owner of various businesses, and his wife who were arrested and are being remanded in police custody for 14 days and will reappear in court on December 3.

Both the businessman and his wife were arrested separately.

It was through a search conducted at the couple’s residence on Friday that a lot of exhibits were  seized including computers, mobile phones, expensive jewelry, weapons and ammunitions which have all been placed under police watch while empty ammunition cases whose content are yet to be found were also uncovered.

The arrests followed ongoing investigations by the Anti-Corruption Commission of Seychelles (ACCS) in a case related to a grant of US $50 million, donated in 2002 by Abu Dhabi as a gift to the people of Seychelles to buy essential food products. However, the money disappeared under the management of the public enterprise that was supposed to be responsible for its disbursement and it was never available to be used for its intended purpose.

Chief Justice Ronny Govinden said in the Supreme Court late on Friday that the ACCS can prosecute the case of money laundering through a private lawyer without involving the Attorney General’s Office.

Since this is a sensitive case and there have been rumours circulating on different platforms, the police could not confirm if it is true a former minister and a former Central Bank of Seychelles governor have been arrested, and an individual returned guns and ammunitions yesterday.


Gerard Govinden


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