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Independent School’s competition term |04 November 2021

Independent School’s competition term

The Spelling Bee contest in full swing

This term, Independent School’s secondary students have been participating in various competitions. On Thursday October 21, students from S1 to S4 competed against each other in a spelling bee that was live-streamed.

The winners were: Chloe Savy (S1), Sanaa Farook (S2), Ruhi-Shree Pandu Ranga (S3) and Praise Olawale (S4). The overall junior winner was Dario Esparon, and the senior winner was Ruhi-Shree Pandu Rangan.

A poster competition also highlighted the causes and effects of bullying in schools and society. One of the main focuses this term is anti-bullying. The school’s counsellors and careers/PSE teacher have been preparing for anti-bullying week in November.

Finally, on October 26, each class submitted a music video they had been working on over the past few weeks. This was in celebration of Creole week with the songs and dances influenced by the Creole culture.

The school would like to thank the many parents who helped out, and the teachers for dedicating extra time after school and on the weekends to film. The winning classes were: first S3-1, second S4-3, and third S2-3.

In a bid to defeat the depressing Covid atmosphere and put their skills into practice, the S4 Business class ran a ‘market day’ at the school with stalls and games. Students also decorated their classrooms and dressed up for Halloween.

They will also be participating in anti-bullying week, including a public speaking competition focused on aspects of bullying, and joining the nation in the up-cycled Christmas tree competition.

It’s full-steam ahead for the school for the rest of the year.



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