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Kelly Mary Anette is Miss Intercontinental Africa |02 November 2021

Kelly Mary Anette is Miss Intercontinental Africa

Kelly-Mary Anette flying the Seychelles flag high at the Miss Intercontinental pageant

Miss Seychelles 2020 Kelly-Mary Anette is Miss Intercontinental Africa and 3rd runner up in the 49th Miss Intercontinental pageant, held from October 14 to 30, in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt.

It was on Friday evening that the island beauty made the whole nation proud, as she was first announced to be among the top 20 contestants, before finally being awarded the Miss Intercontinental Africa title and 3rd runner up.

Speaking to local media, the pageant queen said she was determined to do her best, but at the same time did not expect to perform so well among the many contestants from around the globe.

“I am still in shock and I cannot believe it. The preparations were intense and I am honestly still in shock. For me what makes me most proud is the fact that I was placed among the top 5 with big countries, like England, Mexico, Canada and the Philippines who always do very well in pageants. For Seychelles to beat countries like Colombia and Canada was actually a wow moment. It also makes me proud that they knew nothing about Seychelles when I came here, but now that they do, I also count that as a win,” Ms Anette said.

The founder of Maylene’s Hope Foundation which caters to semi-orphans and orphans is due to return from the competition today. Despite the momentous achievement, the humble beauty is touched by the messages of love and support of fellow Seychellois during her preparations and throughout the competition.

“Dear Seychelles, I hope my life story can touch young lives and I can give hope, especially to young girls for you to now achieve your own greatness. I have been receiving positive messages from young people who feel inspired by my story and to me this is priceless,” Ms Anette told Seychelles NATION.

Upon her return, the pageant beauty plans on continuing on with the foundation’s mission to improve the lives of semi-orphans and the youths of Seychelles, and to get back to a sense of normalcy as an economist with the finance ministry.

The pageant finale officially took place on Friday night, after a hectic schedule of appearances and photoshoots, among others.

This year Cinderella Faye Obeñita of the Philippines was crowned Miss Intercontinental 2021 and the first two runners-up were Paulina Uceda Escorcia of Mexico and the United Kingdom's Romy Simpkins, respectively.

It must be noted, the first Seychellois to be awarded Miss Intercontinental Africa was Sophia Marie, who won the title in 2008.


Laura Pillay

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