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SBC’s Paradise FM Chart Attack |02 November 2021

SBC’s Paradise FM Chart Attack

Ion Kid still top of charts


The SBC Paradise FM Chart Attack has three new entries, although Ion Kid remains strong, with three tracks among the top five.

For the past five weeks, Ion Kid has been dominating the chart show, and last week was no different. The singer songwriter managed to once again secure the number one spot with Detox, a fan favourite which has been voted number one for four of the five weeks it has featured on the charts. Both fourth and fifth spots also go to Ion Kid, with Ti Manmzel Kreol featuring Regi at number four, with Ride or Die at number five.

Behind Ion Kid in second spot is a new entry by Niklus featuring Vurna, entitled Ou Mari, while KD’s Kit Tou has slid down to third position, in its fourth week on the show.

On the lower end of the charts, Jahkim has made it straight to number six with Anba Lao, the second new entry for the week.As such, 123 (Only You) by Steven featuring L-Xtus is down two positions, at number seven.

The third and final new entry Wonder by Cus Mun managed to make it to eighth spot, while Josh Wilds’ hit Okey landed at number nine, three down from the previous week. To close off the charts is Blessings by TSZ, also three down, from seventh spot the previous week.

SBC’s Paradise FM chart attack show is voted for by fans daily and compiled on a weekly basis. The charts are sponsored by Inter Island Boats.


Laura Pillay

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