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The youngest sing for the oldest |08 August 2019

From time to time in life one comes across a situation that really captures one’s imagination and the sub-conscious mind makes the body exude a feeling of contentment and happiness resulting in the hair follicle in our skin to swell up momentarily, which we call goose bumps, as the mind and the body enjoy what the eyes are seeing and our hearing attunes to the noise being made and the body engages in a ritual of hand clapping showing joy and jubilation.

This is an experience to behold as some small children, aged between 5 to 8, from the Children’s House in Seychelles, where Montessori education is taught and they delivered their rendition of songs to be included on a new CD to be released shortly where all proceeds will be donated to Seychelles Alzheimer’s Foundation to assist the elderly in our society who suffer with Alzheimer’s disease. Who would have thought that the youngest in our society had it in them to assist the oldest members of our community with the sound they created by their little angelic voices?

They sang their little hearts out during practices and in the studio where they recorded their songs for the new CD. The new CD will be in our shops by the middle of September this year. This is not all; they will be performing at the NSC Hall (Old SMB Hall) on Saturday November 23, this year, singing and dancing in a Country Music Hoedown being staged, all for the same good cause. The funds collected will go towards the building of a Memory Care Unit at North East Point to be run by Seychelles Alzheimer’s Foundation.

This is not the end, some of the proceeds will go towards teaching a young male and a young female musicians to play the pedal steel guitar in memory of Jack Yokowo who was the only person in Seychelles who played the pedal steel guitar and Jack sadly left us to play his pedal steel guitar with the angels. This project is called the Triple X Country Music project and it is being funded by the kind hearted business owners and individuals in Seychelles with hearts of gold and can see the advantages this project will bring to our society.

So if you can sing and/or dance Line Dancing or Square Dancing come and join us and we will make these events happen. We will be holding Line Dancing and Square Dancing lessons shortly which we will publicise for you to participate. Let us bring back the happiness and joy our society enjoyed in the old days when people were not so materialistic and let us teach the young ones that we live in a world where the difference in age groups does not prevent us from helping each other when the need arises. Our thanks go to Miss Jess, Miss Anica and Miss Lisa for their patience and diligence in training these young little darlings to sing like sparrows. We also thank the Head of the School Miss Lucy for facilitating the participation of these young chanteurs.



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