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Seychelles to host the Blue Invest Africa forum in March 2022 |08 October 2021

Seychelles, in collaboration with the European Union (EU), will from March 15-16, 2022 host the ‘Blue Invest Africa’ forum.

The objective of the forum is to showcase the African potential, foster entrepreneurship and participation of the private and public sector in the fast-developing sector of the blue economy in Africa.

It will also promote innovative sustainable solutions.

It was the Designated Minister and Minister for Fisheries and the Blue Economy, Jean-François Ferrari, who made the announcement yesterday in a press conference at Eden Bleu Hotel, following the closure of the 8th EU-Seychelles Political Dialogue. Present was the EU ambassador to the Republic of Seychelles, Vincent Degert.

The forum, to be held at the Eden Bleu Hotel, will be under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Seychelles, Wavel Ramkalawan.

One hundred and fifty (150) participants as well as remote attendees from Africa and Europe, including investors and entrepreneurs involved in the blue economy and financial institutions, are expected to attend the forum.

It is expected that they will generate business contacts and opportunities, discover business projects from the field, exchange best practices and ideas, and develop a network of potential partners.

The forum is normally held on EU soil and it will be the first time that one will be held outside Europe.

Minister Ferrari said that our country was chosen because of our vast experience in the Blue Economy and also as a result of President Ramkalawan being the African champion for the Blue Economy.

“We in Seychelles are ready for the implementation phase of the blue economy. For so long we’ve just heard talks about the blue economy, without understanding what is happening and today we have reached a point where we want it to become a reality in our lives,” said Minister Ferrari, who noted that Africa with its marine resources wants to develop the blue economy in partnership with Europe as most of the investors are based over there.

Minister Ferrari said that the forum will be a given opportunity for Seychelles to share its experience in the blue economy with the African participants and to encourage investors from Europe to develop related facilities.

“It will be an exciting moment and we are very proud that the EU has chosen Seychelles and we will put the experience we have in the blue economy at the service of the African continent,” Minister Ferrari said.

The two-day international hybrid event will consist of pitching sessions, site visits to Seychelles’ blue economy projects, B2B meetings, exhibition showcasing small-scale African projects and networking moments between participants which will enable them to meet a maximum of potential business partners.

The sessions will also be streamed live for online participants to access the content of the event, interact and to network.


Patrick Joubert



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