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Jade Jolene releases new single |08 October 2021

Jade Jolene releases new single

‘Harmony among humans and nature is essential for a better future’

Today we chat with young student/artist Jade Jolene who recently released a new single ‘Zim Boumboum’ an environmentally conscious song.

Seychelles NATION: Jade, please tell us what are you up to now?

Jade Jolene: I lead a double life – student by day and musician by night. I'm 18 years old and currently in my second year of A-Levels. I love academics, I'm passionate about sociological perspectives in history but my heart soars with the creative arts. I am an advocate for the environment as I believe it is severely necessary to create awareness about global warming and climate change. Thus, I do my best to create awareness through creative writing competitions, social media and through my art.

Seychelles NATION: Tell us about your new single

Jade Jolene: ‘Zim Boumboum’ is an environmentally conscious song integrating the past, present and future. Taking the simple traditional chant into a modern era to create awareness about the preservation of our Earth for the future. The repeated ‘Zim Boumboum’ is part of a traditional folk song which I first heard in the choir. I added new lyrics to the chant and made it quite simple to understand. I believe it should be really simple to change one’s mindset to be more eco-friendly. We must act now and change our own habits to be more sustainable in order to have a greater impact globally.

 Seychelles NATION: Why is it important for young people to be more concerned about the environment?

Jade Jolene: Global warming and climate change are real threats to humanity and all life on Earth. We all need to act now in order to even have a future.

« Me eski sa labote pou la pour nou zanfan? Annou ase fer sa later soufer »

In the chorus of my song I include the main elements of nature that are under threat: the forest and the ocean. In the last chorus I state that harmony among humans and nature is essential for a better future.

« Lafore, losean e larmoni i donn nou tou sa ki nou bezwen. Nou bezwen protez li si nou anvi en fitir »

 Seychelles NATION: You are also doing you’re A-levels this year, tell us how are your studies going on?

Jade Jolene: I am in my last year of A-Levels and it is very hectic but I am doing well. Last year for Advanced Subsidiary, I received three Outstanding Cambridge Awards for the Top in Seychelles for Business Studies, Geography and Across Three AS subjects. I am hoping to achieve the same good grades this year especially as I find this year’s topics for my subjects more interesting than last year. Despite it coming with the baggage of a colossal amount of reading I will try my best to persevere.

 Seychelles NATION: What is the biggest lesson the pandemic has taught you?

Jade Jolene: The pandemic encouraged me to appreciate quietness and solitude. Obviously there were times I wanted to gather with all my friends, but I think the pandemic gave us all time for more self-reflection. I found myself sitting outside in the garden more and appreciating the various, beautiful sounds of nature.

To recall, Jade Jolene’s biggest achievement so far was to be selected for the 2017’s World finals of Sanremo Junior Singing Competition in Italy, singing a ‘Whole New World’ accompanied by the Sanremo Symphonic Orchestra where she received a Special Mention!

In 2018, she received her first International Literary Award (April 5, 2018 FIPA International Centennial Writing Award) for her short story in which she shows environmental compassion, being again the youngest achiever of such a prestigious award.

Jade Jolene has participated in various national shows such as Regatta, Christmas Carol, SHTC Gala, la fête de la musique, among others.

Way to go girl and we are looking forward for more creativity from your side!


Vidya Gappy

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