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Police give out ‘In Case of Emergency’ cards |25 September 2021

Police give out ‘In Case of Emergency’ cards

Corporal Nourrice speaking about the campaign (Photo: Louis Toussaint)

The Seychelles Police Force has launched a national campaign wherein it is providing ‘In Case of Emergency’ cards to members of the public for their personal safety in cases of accidents.

Better known by its acronym ‘ICE’, these cards include rudimentary personal details of the card holder such as their name, date of birth but also crucial information in cases of accidents such as the persons’ blood type, medical conditions, allergies and emergency contacts.

To kick off the campaign, some police officers were present at the bus terminal in town yesterday afternoon to distribute some of these ICE cards to members of the public.

Corporal Julinio Nourrice explained that the ICE campaign is not a new initiative but has been relaunched with the aim of assisting the police in its works as to better deal with cases such as in accidents where the victim might not be responsive.

In these cases, the ICE cards would help the police to easily identify these John or Jane Does, provide the necessary assistance based on the victim’s medical profile and get in contact with their next of kins.

“It also helps the medical staff when the person gets to the hospital, and our objective is to share these ICE cards to people in the community so that we can identify a person,” added Corporal Nourrice.

“We are planning to distribute these cards in communities across the country. The project is in its first phase and we will continue with our efforts.”

It is to be noted that this activity has also been carried out on Praslin.

The police force has printed around 10,000 ICE cards.


Elsie Pointe



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