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Benefits of applying for bilateral and multilateral scholarships |24 August 2021

In view of the financial difficulties faced by the country in these unprecedented time, some restrictions and constraints have been proposed for this year. These restrictions will be reviewed as the financial situation of the country changes and as more scholarships are made available by donors, individuals, organisations or countries.

The Seychelles government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism, receives bilateral and multilateral scholarships from countries that Seychelles have bilateral and multilateral ties. These scholarships are basically ‘free money’ which can help you to obtain a first degree, masters or PHD. In most instances, these scholarships are provided to assist Seychelles in   meeting its priority needs and allow Seychellois in general to have access to tertiary level education. Some of these offers are open in terms of the different fields of study being proposed and may also have specific areas depending on the ability of the host country to provide specific programmes of study only.

Seychelles, it must be said, has benefited tremendously from bilateral and multilateral scholarships throughout the years. In 2020 alone, we received a total of 42 bilateral and multilateral scholarships offers. It is important to mention that the majority of these offers are taken by Seychellois applicants, but there are instances where these were not accessed. For instance, bilateral and multilateral scholarships which offer programmes in languages other than English and where potential students have to study a particular language for a year or two before they can start the programme. This is particular true for multilateral and bilateral scholarships which the programmes are offered in French.

There are certain benefits associated with receiving these types of scholarship as seen below.


It is FREE!

The major benefit with a bilateral and multilateral scholarship is that you do not have to pay back the money spent on your studies, ‘it is basically free’. In most instances, it is fully sponsored by the awarding body. This means that all tuition fees, living allowances and other non-tuition related expenses such as airfare, insurance and health coverage are paid for. Therefore, you do not have to take out a loan to pay for your scholarship and it does not place any financial burden on family members.


Gain international experience (unless offered online)

Applying for a bilateral means that you get to have an international experience as most scholarships are provided on campus. Thus, you have to be physically at the University to be able to follow the programme.


No bonding period (if fully sponsored)

Additionally, because of the above benefit, it means that you are not bonded to the Republic of Seychelles upon completion of your studies, but you are required to come back and work for Seychelles. This requirement in most bilateral and multilateral is stipulated in the condition of award. Students who opt for Government of Seychelles (GOS) Scholarships are bonded based on the total sum disbursed towards the studies and thus have to work for the Republic for a specified amount of time.

Moreover, in some instances where such scholarships are only partly funded, if you qualify for a GOS but opt for a bilateral scholarship, the government of Seychelles will assist students with a supplementary allowance. Only in this instance will you be bonded to the Republic for the sum the government of Seychelles invests for your studies.


Provision of extra support

Another benefit that comes with a bilateral or multilateral scholarship is that as a student you are provided with extra support from the awarding body and/or university since you are ‘a guest’ in that country. So, they will ensure that throughout your study period, you will have limited interruptions and that all your needs are taken care of. You will not have to worry about  expenses incurred when you study in the foreign country.


Allowances are on time

In addition, the fact that your allowance is not paid for by the Seychelles government, if the bilateral is fully sponsored, it means that your allowances will most likely always be on time. Contrary to Seychellois students who may see slight delays in receipt of their living allowances.


You have nothing to lose

Applying for a bilateral scholarship is one of those things in life you can experience without losing anything. Although some people are weary about applying for such scholarships, applying for a scholarship is a process, and you have to be ready for each step which awaits you. So, there is definitely nothing to lose in applying. On the contrary, you discover other experiences and you challenge yourself for another adventure in life.

If you want to learn more about the different bilateral and multilateral     scholarships on offer though ANHRD (Agency for National Human Resource Development), please do not hesitate to visit our webpage at or call us on 4303222.



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